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Fit Mom Friday 1/11

Happy Friday!

How did everybody stay active this week?
Any struggles?
Any goals reached?


Re: Fit Mom Friday 1/11

  • hemlheml member
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    Gentle yoga on Monday, orange theory on Tuesday. Yesterday and today walking in the thin air in Park City... burning calories, so I’m counting it as exercise! 
  • Anyone have suggestions for getting back in to working out?
    I haven’t been to the gym in 6 weeks and I’m slightly terrified of going. At the same time I want to stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy. My doc said I can go back and just don’t do quite as much as before. (PAIF/FTM here so I’ve got all of the worries) 
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    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 
  • hemlheml member
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    @Avrilmai I think the hardest part is walking through the door! You can do it. Maybe Start with some walking on the treadmill (maybe on an incline?) and some body weight squats. 
  • @heml do you live there?? We used to live in SLC. I love it and PC as well!
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  • I ride horses so I try to stay pretty fit. I've been focusing on keeping my core strength up so I don't lose what I have now.  
  • mkrelmkrel member
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    I didn't post on Friday, but last week (my workout week runs Monday-Sunday on my app) I managed to get in 6 workouts and one day of stretching.  I was super proud of myself after only getting 2 in the 2 weeks prior and 3 the week before that.  

    @Avrilmai Just start with something easy.  20 minutes of walking on the treadmill is better than no exercise at all.  Once you start feeling more comfortable you can see what you can add back in.  
  • @mkrel great job!!  :) 

    last week, I ended up working out 6 days as well and actually felt like I had a little more energy which was nice! 

    @agpandme I have a horse & ride too! The weather has been terrible lately so not much riding and I gotta admit, I’m nervous about riding with my lil baby bump 
  • blackcatmomblackcatmom member
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    Have you cut back on all outs at Orangetheory? I have, but I hate cutting back! @heml
  • hemlheml member
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    @blackcatmom I switched to power walking around 6 weeks because it seems to do a great job of getting my heart rate up still and getting more glute work in. I will sometimes run at a base pace but that’s few and far between these days (mostly because it hurts my boobs so dang much to run!)
  • @heml @mkrel thanks ladies I may give it a shot this week. My gym actually offers prenatal fitness classes, but I have this thought that I'm "not pregnant enough" to participate in those. 
    Me: mid 30s DH: early 30s
    TTC 10/2016

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 
  • @crossfitmomtobe It makes me nervous as well.  I don't think I will ride late into the pregnancy but my sister rode until 8 months.  Her belly touched the horn.   One of my good friends is a twin and her mom rode very late into her pregnancy as well, with twins!  
  • I got the all clear to run again so I’m going in a little bit.  Not gonna lie—kinda freaking out about it. 
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