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Who's up for a challenge? (Boy name)

My son is due April 3 and we are at a stalemate. My husband and I have vastly different tastes and cannot agree on anything. He likes weirdo made-up names from fantasy novels. Ender is the most "normal" name I've gotten out of him, if that tells you anything. I don't want this poor kid to be correcting literally everyone for his entire life. My top choices (all vetoed) are Colin, Milo, Arthur, Josiah, Calvin, Wesley and Lachlan.

Our last name sounds like Hall, short and simple. So a name starting in H or ending in L is probably not going to work. For example, Henry Hall sounds like a comic book character, while Neil Hall is kind of a tongue twister. I think 2 or 3 syllables would flow better. MN will be a family name I'll pick once we know the FN. My family background is Scandinavian and British Isles. Our daughter's name is Gwendolen.

So hit me with your suggestions. Unusual enough to satisfy the husband, recognizable enough for me. Multisyllable, doesn't start with H or end with L. I'm OK with surnames. At this point, I'm desperate. Help!!

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