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TTGP Grad Check-In w/o 1/10-1/16

Please note: This check-in is for those Sept. 2019 moms who have participated recently on the TTGP board, specifically leading up to this pregnancy. If you did not participate on TTGP, members may ask you who you are and/or wonder if you're lost. Please don't take offense! There will be many check-ins once the board gets going & no one is expected to participate in them all. <3 

How far along are you?

How are you feeling?



Re: TTGP Grad Check-In w/o 1/10-1/16

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    How far along are you? Just had my BFP this morning so I moved over here from TTGP. 3wks, 4 days. 

    How are you feeling? I am feeling okay. Lucky. Terrified. Exhausted. I had a feeling on Tuesday that something was going on when my coworkers swore the whole place smelled like burning rubber and I could smell. nothing. at. all. And then 15 minutes later I was smacked in the face with the smell of my coworker's caesar salad and had thoughts of violence. 

    Rants/Raves? I miss the ladies over in TTGP! I know I was only there for a short time but I really loved checking in with everyone every day. Hopefully I see some of ya'll pop up soon. 

    Questions? Nope.
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    @cmdesigner I also miss my TTGP ladies & I've been stalking the TWW/grad threads. So happy for one BFP today & hoping for some more soon! 

    How far along are you? 4w6d

    How are you feeling? Bloated/short of breath-ish/a bit crampy, but otherwise happy/optimistic/good/great/excited/nervous

    Rants/Raves? RANT: I'm looking forward to when the semester starts so I can plan my days out better. I'm not great at being productive unless I am on a schedule, and with the semester not begun yet, my schedule is just "make sure you do these 3-5 things today or else" & that's... not the best way for me to get my dissertation written. RAVE: I got my labs back today--my HGC was at 2060 & my progesterone at 31.3, so of course I spent a good part of the morning looking up these numbers, even though the super nice nurse was like "Everything is going great! Yay!" It also doesn't look like it's necessarily in the realm for multiples (my dad's mom had twins, which makes me a candidate, esp. as a woman in her thirties, for multiples. yay. fun fact: my husband is also a twin! but that has no affect whatsoever on our chances...)

    Questions? Bikini wax whilst KU yay/nay? I'll ask the STM/STM+ thread if yall aren't sure, but since I'm already typing this here, j/c!
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    @kagesstarshroom & @cmdesigner I'm also missing the TTGP ladies. I might go back and lurk a bit. But I also feel a little guilty. Weird I know. 

    @kagesstarshroom I hadn't even thought about bikini wax while KU, although my esthetician was the first person to tell me I might be pregnant at my last bikini wax because I was so sensitive. I'll probably keep up with it like normal unless told otherwise. 

    How far along are you? 5w3d

    How are you feeling? Still battling a cough and cold but I'm in the tail end of it. Went back to work today. Have super tender breasts, almost want to cry when I take my bra off.

    Rants/Raves? Just got the results from my 3rd beta and my numbers doubled so I am happy. Have an appt for my next ultrasound on 1/16. But for now I am thankful for my numbers. 

    Questions? None
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    @maserrano714 I'm so glad your cold has been conquered! Thanks for the bikini wax tip. I'm keeping my appointment (I think it's next week?) & I'll do the same--stick with it until I either can't bc my skin is too sensitive or my OB/Basic Pregnancy Guidelines say to stop. Also, I understand feeling a little bit guilty, but that's because... I can't help but root for everyone. Looks like we got a fresh crop of TTGP grads coming in this week, though, & I'm super happy to see that! <3<3<3 (hiiiii ladies.)
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