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  • @prpl11butterfly
    <3 <3 <3 It is absolutely gorgeous!  
    Pets in Snow - TTGP January sig challenge

  • @prpl11butterfly I love it

    Me: 34 DH: 46
    December Sig: Awkward Family Phone

    DSS: 19

    DSD: 16

    DS: 3(Nov'14)


    MC: 1/18

  • @prpl11butterfly it’s beautiful 😍 
  • @prpl11butterfly It's beautiful. What a lovely idea. <3
  • Thank ladies 😊. I just wanted something dainty and simple. I'm so happy I got it. 
  • @prpl11butterfly it's beautiful! Love it. 💜
    Married: Spring 2009
    TTC #1: July 2018
    BFP 12/7/18, EDD 8/20/19
    CP 12/17/18 @ 5 weeks, 1 day

    December Signature Challenge: Awkward Family Photos

  • Introduce yourself/what you think is important, such as number of loss(es), when you had the loss(es), diagnosis/conditions surrounding loss, etc.: 2 MMC in 2018

    Status: Benched

    How are things going? What is something that you are struggling with this week? What is going well for you this week? R/R? I am sorry that I dropped off the map since Christmas. I got swallowed by the holiday- working from home, taking time off, etc. I also was in an extreme funk from November's MMC so I mainly lurked occasionally. But, I am thinking of all of you and also so amazed at how many TTC Grads there have been in the last month. It's really bittersweet. 

    I had my first appointment with the miscarriage department and they took some blood and scheduled me for an U/S at the end of the month. They basically said that once they have the results of the blood and U/S, they will let me know what they find. And they said, if they do not find anything, then that's end of their mission. My cycle is all wonky and weird. We don't plan on TTC while we still live abroad but it's hard to wait until we would move back to the US.

    Any testing coming up/any recent results? U/S at the end of the month. Waiting on blood test results.

    GTKY? What about spring are you looking forward to the most? the smell of freshly cut grass and tulips coming up in the garden.

    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMe: 39  H: 37
    Married: 8 years


    ****trigger warning****

    1 LC, girl 4 years old

    TTC #2 Summer 2017

    BFP 1/5/2018, MC (D & E) 2/23/2018

    TTCAL May 2018

    BFP 9/20/2018, MC (D & E) 11/16/2018 :'(

  • @radiohd18 I have a love/hate relationship with being benched. I think it's good for me physically and emotionally, but jeez, it sure is hard to watch everyone else. I'm sorry your TTC plans are on hold right now and I hope your body regulates soon. Hugs.  <3
  • @prpl11butterfly I love it! The ring is beautiful! 
  • @prpl11butterfly, your ring is beautiful.

    @radiohd18 I am sorry your cycle is still off.  Being benched is no fun, but at least it is giving you time to regulate.  I hope the testing goes well.

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • @bakerstreetboys I’d been following you and ball of meat for awhile because you’re both so near and dear to my heart. My heart is broken for the decision you made. I’m sure you know to be kind to yourself and that we are all here for you. ❤️

    @prpl11butterfly I love the ring. Absolutely perfect. 
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