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Product Spotlight: Carseats

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Happy Monday! Today in our Product Spotlight Series we have CARSEATS to discuss! This is an item practically everyone will need before the baby is born (unless you live in a city like NYC that waives the carseat requirement for leaving the hospital with your new little one), so let's get the research rolling!

Do you have specific carseat you love? Tips on scoring deals while remaining within safety guidelines? Travel systems you do or do not recommend? Opinions on different carseats for different stages vs. adjustable ones that can last until your child is 27? FTM questions about fitting these monstrosities into your cars? Please share!

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Re: Product Spotlight: Carseats

  • My husband did not understand that we needed a car seat since we don’t drive. It was quite great explaining that we still do (I think??). 

    Any thoughts on the Nuna brand? Pipa or rava? 

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  • Travel systems are junk--the strollers suck so much. The Chicco Keyfit is what we get every time because it is the highest rated for small babies and preemies and I love it. All car seats go through the same crash testing, so really it is about which features you want, size, etc. 

    We use the carrier, but you don't need it. My second baby hated the car seat. He screamed constantly so I never carried the carseat and always threw him in a ring sling whenever we got out of the car. We switched him to a convertible seat around 3-4 months. He did much better in that. I always go for the highest height limits because my kids have never outgrown a weight limit but they always outgrow the height limits. We do the Chicco Netfix for the convertible and then my oldest is in a Britax booster because he can still fit the high back booster (and was in a 5 pt harness for a long time) even though he is extremely tall for his age. Just because they're bigger doesn't mean their muscles and bones and ligaments are more developed than anyone else their age! 
  • I also liked our Chicco Keyfit. Easy to install and click in and out. However, ours expired and I’m contemplating a Nuna this go around.

    @cato99 you may want to adjust the title for car seats! Also, for the next product spotlight could we touch on pregnany pillows and/or maternity clothing? I was just thinking we are all going to start needing these things sooner rather than later!
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  • I prefer Evenflo because it is nascar approved. However my DH has a son from a previous relationship who will be about 2 when our little one is born who happens to have a a baby trend car seat carrier I purchased an Evenflo procomfort which goes from 5-110 lbs the only thing I do not like is that you need a carrier to bring the baby out of the hospital I revently found a baby trend double stroller that has a compatibility with any flexloc carriers from baby trend love the handle on these car seats as they have a triangle grip on top compatible w the stroller so when my little one is to big for the carrier we will use just the stroller.
  • We also have the Chicco Keyfit30 for our infant seat/carrier.  I liked it a lot for DD, and we just had the one seat and three bases to click into (for me, husband and MIL).  We would leave the carseat carrier at daycare and whoever picked her up just had the base in their car.  You don't NEED the base, but it made for quick in and out.   Once she outgrew that, we moved to Britax Click Tight convertible.  I love the Britax, it gets nice and tight.  My MIL bought a Greco one and it was awful, it didn't even tighten all the way to her chest no matter what I did.  She finally bought a Britax one too once she saw the difference.  

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  • @cato99 ; I love the spreadsheet you created for this!!!

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    LOL hi I'm a pregnancy-brained idiot and mis-labeled this title of this entry! It's corrected to Carseats now!

    And @olivemomma that's a great idea--I've updated the spreadsheet to touch on those topics next week. @moon1417 thank you but I cannot take credit for the main list; this is mainly lifted from prior BMCs with a few updates I wanted to include! 

    @lilmamabebe3 I had heard that travel systems were pointless and that's why I steered clear from them, but I didn't want to say as much in the main post since I didn't have personal experience, so thank you for speaking up! 

    Tip for FTMs: you may or may not want to use a hand-me-down carseat since you may not know what it's been through, but if one is offered to you you should accept because Target (and maybe other places) have trade-in events where you can bring in an out-of-date carseat in exchange for a good discount on a brand new one. 

    We had a Graco SnugRide with a click-connect base and matching stroller frame and that worked for all sorts of circumstances. I mentioned in an earlier thread that I traveled solo with DD all over the place and the carseat + empty stroller frame system was really easy for me to deal with one-handed. Now that DD has outgrown that we have a Graco Extend-2-Fit. 

    Travel Tip for flyers! You can check a car-seat for free, either at the main desk or when you're about to board. Airlines offer plastic bags to wrap the car-seat, but a big tip is to get a car-seat bag (we have this one) because you can stuff it full of diapers and other baby things without taking up space in your actual luggage. Now that DD (and her carseat) is bigger, and we'll soon be traveling with two, we'll probably switch to something with wheels, but for the first year+ that carrier was super convenient. 
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  • I love the Recaro car seats, but we had a Chico infant last time because it snapped into our stroller. DD now has a Recaro and I’m thinking about getting the infant version this time but not sure if I can use snap it onto a stroller. Does anyone know or used a Recaro infant seat before?
  • @database6 it depends on your stroller and adapter. We bought an adapter for our city mini gt so our Chicco would snap in, and they sold a recaro adapter. 
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    What are the most ride share/travel friendly car seats for infants? I’ve read good reviews for Doona, and if I can get past the HUGE price tag maybe it’ll be fine, but then reviews have said babies outgrow it quickly. The Britax Ultra looks to be travel friendly. 

    For the chicco key fit, if you don’t “need” the base, does that mean you didn’t have an issue with using it in a Lyft/uber/cab/etc? 
  • @lilmamabebe3. Thank you!  That is great news!  Did you like your city mini?  I think I might go that route. 
  • @heml ; My husband found the Chicco Keyfit really easy to install without the base.  We used it exactly for what you said: Lyft/Uber/cab/family members picking us up at airports.

    If we were going somewhere and renting a car when we got there, then we did take the base with us. 

  • We also used the Chicco Keyfit for DD. I plan to use it again since we still have the seat and two bases for it (just need to check the expiration. Hopefully it's still good to use). DD is now in the Graco Extend2Fit and we've liked it so far.

    @cato99 I like the tip about the car seat bag!
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  • We used a Gracco Click-Connect system for our first two kids. It was wonderful and easy. We also had the stroller that the carseat clicked into. Our babies always fell asleep in the car, so we could just leave them in the carseat and click directly into the stroller without them waking up.
  • Another carseat travel tip: Whether you check or gate check your car seat, I suggest putting it in a bag to keep it from getting dirty.  One time my husband forgot our car seat bag.  I stalked the airport until I found a maintenance working changing the trashcans.  I asked him for a garbage bag and used that as our car seat bag.  At least in our airport, the trash bags are industrial strength so it was pretty durable.  It was perfect for our needs.
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    We also had a Graco click connect system for DS and had no problems. He's now 2 and in the Extend-2-Fit. We will re-use the Graco for the new baby, as it isn't expired and no accidents. If I had to re-buy, I would just immediately go to a convertible seat since I rarely used the carrier feature and wore DS often. (Also, they're pricey!!!). We will likely buy a new stroller. The Graco was fine, but does not handle European cobblestone streets well. 

    On the note of traveling with seats, we also bought a bag. We double bag our travel car seat with trashbags after learning the hard way that the seat still got damp when we flew and it rained. We also jam random extras into the bag with the seat. 

    Something to look into...My hospital for DS delivery did parenting classes in addition to the birth class and tour, and if you did the safety class (we did 4 different classes I think?), you got a voucher for a free car seat. It was the most basic Cosco convertible car seat, but it was free. They brought it to us before discharge.'s not the seat I would choose, but it didn't cost anything but time and we now use it for travel rather than taking our "nice" seat everywhere. It's been handy. So, check with your hospital - they may have a similar voucher program you might be interested in!

    Edit to correct: Freebie seat was Cosco. 
  • 1.  We had Chicco Keyfit for DS and will use it again for this baby.  #1 for buying An infant car seat.... does it fit in your car!  Make sure you go somewhere and try them out!  I loved a couple car seats but it would be miserable for the front passenger.  You need an inch between the back of the car seat and the front seat.  I drive a Jetta Wagon which has a narrow back seat.  Husband has a 4 runner so anything will fit in that.  Chicco makes an awesome product and you just can’t go wrong.

    2.  At about 14 months we moved up to the chicco nextfit and that has also been amazing. Turned him front facing a few months shy of 3.  He is only 28 lbs at 3 and I work in Emergency Medicine so I was a holdout on going front facing.  Love this seat as well and he will be in it for a long time 

    3.  We have a Cosco Serena as well. Cheap AF but the best airplane travel seat once you need to bring one along.  We make our kiddo sit in his car seat on the plane because he is way more chill.  It pops perfectly into our Bob stroller and we just cruise through the airport that way.  Typically wherever we travel we need a stroller and car seat.  Not comfortable for everyday use but works awesome for the task.  $40 at Walmart!  

    Thats my $.02
  • @denma2015
    Yes! The fit in the cars! We did not do this, and this was my only real complaint with the click connect. It rendered the front passenger seat useless in my Mazda 3, and was really pushing it in the Jeep Cherokee. After moving, we both got station wagons, but you can bet we tried the E2F convertible in them before buying!

    Seems so dumb to think that so many car seats don't fit easily/comfortably in cars ... 
  • Another chicco keyfit user here! It has a level built into the base for easy install. We also have the adapter so it works like a travel system with out city mini gt. No complaints, and we even got it on sale! I actually just pulled it out of storage and washed all the pads this week. 
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  • @winchesterGirl ; I was thinking of doing the same thing over the next few months. I was wondering if the pads came out for washing - did you find it fairly easy to disassemble and reassemble? 

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  • @moon1417 We haven't reassembled yet, but disassembling it was quick!
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  • I've done a bit of research and everything seems to be saying the Chicco Keyfit 30 is the best. I decided on an Uppababy Cruz for a stroller, and was wondering if anybody has any experience with the Uppababy Mesa? What I'm looking to find out is how comfortable is it for baby and how easy it is to click-in-out of the base. Also, can you use it base-less like the Chicco model? This is important to us as we do have a car that we will install the base in, but we like in NYC and take ubers some of the time, as well.
  • @laurenmicheley ;  I have an Uppababy Cruz and used an adapter so I could use the Chicco Keyfit 30.  It worked perfectly.  Stroller folds up with the adapter on.  As you said, every website said that the Chicco Keyfit was the best so it did not make sense to me to spend more on the Mesa. 
  • @laurenmicheley I looked at the Mesa as it was there only other car seat that fit in my car.  It seemed a lot less comfortable than the Keyfit.  I have the UppaBaby Vista and bought the car seat attachment.  It works great.  Plus the Vista is double the price!  
  • @Twinkiedoll
    Thanks guys! This was very helpful!
  • Has anyone used the new Graco 4-Ever Recline and Ride convertible carseat? 
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    We used the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant carrier and have the Britax Marathon Click Tight convertible.  Love them both! 
  • I also wanted to mention, we switched to a convertible sooner than we had too. My little dude didn't enjoy the infant bucket after about month 3. He felt too confined. As soon as he had better head control we got a convertible carseat that was appropriate to his size. He liked the Graco Extend 2 Fit & it reclines enough to hold them from a young age. 

    They actually do make convertibles now that start as low as 5 pounds, so that is a valid option if you are not concerned about the travel system aspect. Also if you're in a warm climate you may not be so worried about bringing the seat in. 

    Best tip I ever got in regards to the convertible carseat is wait until the baby is here, and take them to a store to sit in the seats. If they cry in the store, they will cry in the car. That's how we picked his bigger seat. 
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