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inappropriate questions/comments thread

stolen from a few BMBs... let's hear the awful things people have said and asked

married 11.1.14
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Re: inappropriate questions/comments thread

  • jejsjejs member
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    “I’m so glad that your husband wanted this baby too!” (Um...yes) 
    “Is there something wrong with her?” (When looking at my daughters 3D ultrasound last pregnancy) 
  • Unfortunately we had to tell the IL's over christmas due to timing/drinking/parties etc. As we were packing up to leave my MIL yelled at me when I picked up a suitcase. This isn't 1970. I'm allowed to pick things up while pregnant. I told her "I'm weight lifting once we are home". She got so irritated ha
    married 11.1.14
    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone
    due sept 2019

  • @chichiphin I’m already cracking up about the guidelines for not lifting things. Umm how do I live my every day life then? Carrying groceries, holding and lifting my toddler... ya not gonna happen. 

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  • @chichiphin my last pregnancy I volunteered for a PGA event delivering cases of beverages to tees at 5 months pregnant - I see no reason why we can't lift right now that is crazy! Some people lift heavy weights throughout their entire pregnancies. 
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  • I'm waiting for my mother's reaction when we announce. She has made several comments in the past about how we should be done bc we have a boy and a girl. She has also made comments about how woman are stupid for getting pregnant again once their kids are in school. Well boom. She will probably also say something about now I cant go back to work. Boo hoo.
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  • crs89crs89 member
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    @Schumerator @leksiL & @chichiphin - YES! So irritating! My MIL watching my DS while DH and I work.  When I got there to pick him up, he ran towards me, happy to see me, and I lifted him up to give him a hug and kiss.  Our normal greeting.  MIL got all bent ... "you are going to have to watch picking him up".  Ummmm...I'm not going to stop picking up my toddler.  Just. No. 
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