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Air Travel & IVF/Transfers

Hey Ladies!
I have quite a bit of air travel coming up for my job. Tentative FET transfer scheduled 1/17 and who knows if that will take or if it's back to more rounds of IVF... I'm supposed to fly several times in the weeks after the transfer and am a little nervous due to 2 failures now (without flying!). RE says it's fine to travel before and after transfers but I'm so anxious about everything who knows. Wondering if any of you have anecdotal experience or advice from your clinics as well? 

Re: Air Travel & IVF/Transfers

  • Trust your doctor's advice. You only need to be on light activity for a couple of days, and even that advice is debatable, and can vary from RE to RE. From personal experience, I flew cross country 13 days after FET and it did not effect my outcome in a negative way. 
  • My clinic was fine with me traveling. I think I was 6 weeks pregnant when I travelled to Korea and Japan for work and that did not affect the outcome at all. The only thing they said was to switch to progesterone injections if I started bleeding (I was using progesterone suppositories). As for the level of activities after transfer, my clinic’s policy was that you can resume normal activities. If you walked daily, keep doing it. Just don’t start any new activities, like training for a marathon if you weren’t doing it before. I walked around a lot in Korea but made sure to take lots of breaks and not lift anything heavy. I got lucky that I received lots of help in lifting the luggage at airports and major transport hubs. 
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