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Vitamins other than prenatals

Do any of you ladies take other vitamins besides prenatals?
Before I found out I was pregnant, I was taking a lot of vitamins - multi vitamin, fish oil, hair skin and nails, fruits and veggies capsule, coq10, probiotic, etc.
Since finding out a week ago, I have stopped all other vitamins until I check with my doctor on the 14th.
Anyone have any advice or insight?
Thank you!

Re: Vitamins other than prenatals

  • I was taking vitamin b12 and C along with a multivitamin. I stopped them and am just taking the prenatal until my appt too.

  • I'd double check with your doctor, but most of those sound pretty safe for pregnancy. I was actually advised to take fish oil to help with a blood issue I had. I was taking vitamin D and C before getting pregnant, and I've continued. I've added a few others, including the fish oil (which I've also taken off and on I. The past), at the recommendation of my midwives to help with my blood. 
  • You are doing exactly what you should - stop and talk to your doctor they know your health history and will be your best answer. 
  • I take a prenatal (without DHA) and also a prenatal DHA supplement. 
  • @cee_moll Those supplements sound pretty safe. I take Methyl B12, D3, Fish Oil, Methyl Folate, Iron and had also been taking NAC for most of the first tri. Prenatals often cover all of your needs, esp if you are taking a high quality food-based multi, but depending on your health, sometimes you may need to supplement in certain areas.
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  • I have been taking a prenatal in lieu of a regular multivitamin for years (same basic stuff plus a few extras that are beneficial whether you're pregnant or not, so my doctor advises that for all women of child hearing age).  I also take fish oil because I don't eat fish often.  My doctor was fine with that.  But you should definitely ask.
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  • I am taking a potassium in addition to my pre-natal.
  • I was also taking additional vitamins to my daily prenatal; D3, liquid fish oil, and folate. I spoke to my nurse when scheduling my first appointment, she advised that I stop all besides my daily prenatal. 

    I agree with @harpseal135, you are being smart and safe; wait for an answer from your doctor.

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