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Sibling name to go with - Aurora, Magnolia and Everett - HELP!

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Looking for a sibling name to go with my other three.  
Currently we have:
Aurora Kate - 7 - NN "Rora"
Magnolia Jane - 5 NN "Maggie"
Everett Scott - 2 - NN "Rhett"

I love names that have nick name possibilities. But anymore, i'm thinking it's not a deal breaker, as all 3 we call all three by there longer names 90% of the time. 

For a girl I really like Imogen, with NN Emmy. Possibly Juliet for middle name. 

I have zero idea for a boy...please help us!!!  We used to like Elias, but i'm not sure anymore...Also, used to like Cruz (which happens to be my maiden name), but i'm not sure that goes with the other 3. What are thoughts on Mitchell, Archer or Gideon? Archer Cruz "NN Archie"?  I'm thinking Cruz for the MN for sure...HELP!  Need boy names! 

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Re: Sibling name to go with - Aurora, Magnolia and Everett - HELP!

  • Love Imogen
    Juliet seems slightly lackluster with your other kiddos great names

    Elizabeth (nickname wise it’s endless, Eliza, Liz, Beth , Birdie, Betsy, Bitsy, Elle...)

    Edmund Cruz
    Dean Cruz
    Alden Cruz
    Walter Cruz
    Warren Cruz
    Simon Cruz
    Russell Cruz 

  • Gideon Cruz?

    I love Elias, nn Eli. Elias Cruz?
  • Sorry, but Imogene: all I can think of is the best Chtistmas Pagent Ever and the trouble maker she is! 

    I like Gideon! 

    Wallace (Wally)
    Jaydon (Jay)
    Michael (Mike)

    Vivian (Vivi)
    Margaret (Maggie, Marge)

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    I LOVE Mitchell.  Its under used and unexpected.
    I love Archie, but don't care for Archer, its fine but I think that I have just heard it too much.
    August nn Gus
    Arthur nn Artie
    Harvey nn Harv
    Rainier nn Ray or Rain 
    Douglas nn Dougie
    Archibald nn Archie

    Collette nn Coco
    Adelaide nn Lady or Addy
    Rosemarie nn Rosie
    Vivian nn Viv or Vivi
    Evelyn nn Evie
    Coleen nn Coco
    Cecilia nn Cece
    Thomasina nn Tommie
    Penelope nn Pippy or Pippi
  • Love love love Mitchell.
  • I really like Imogen and Gideon, and I think they both would work well with your other children's names.
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