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Hi Everyone! North NJ over here..

Hello, I just joined the community. I'm 32, been ttc #1 since sept 2017. I have had 3 unsuccessful IUIs. Hopefully starting IVF this january. Ive really been feeling down. I was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility". All our tests came back normal. Probably makes it more frustrating. My one friend just had a baby april 2018, didnt want it. Now shes preg again and probably won't want that one either because they both refuse to use any kind of BC and are genuinely surprised when she gets pregnant. UGH. Sorry bit of a rant thrown in at the end! I've been searching for a local north jersey support group but I can't find any. Any local NJ'ers here?

Re: Hi Everyone! North NJ over here..

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    Hi Nicole, welcome to the board.  Feel free to join the weekly check-ins.  It's a great group of ladies in here, some of which are sure to share some of your experiences and frustrations.  
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    Hi Nicole! I’m from north NJ! Just starting on this journey- had my first IUI with injections this week after 3 failed clomid cycles. All of my and my husband’s test are normal, but I’ve been having irregular periods for over 2 years. Most likely notnovulating regularly, if at all. Trying to stay positive! Hope you are feeling good about this month! 
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