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Top 3 girls names - which one?

Thought we had it narrowed down to 2 but DH threw another one into the mix. We've got 5 weeks to go and honestly I can't decide. I love them all! Which do you think goes best with brothers Eli, Benjamin and Jack? 

Top 3 girls names - which one? 59 votes

Anna Elizabeth
28% 17 votes
Leah Rose
35% 21 votes
Claire Elizabeth
35% 21 votes

Re: Top 3 girls names - which one?

  • I voted Leah as my favorite and Claire as a close second.
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  • Anna then Claire then Leah
  • Claire then Anna then Leah
  • I voted for Leah as they are. A flip-flop to Elizabeth Claire might have gotten my vote. :)
  • Claire then Anna. 

    Leah always seems so boring to me

  • Any of them would be great imo!

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