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Spelling of Emilia

Husband and I are not agreeing on the spelling-if you have a strong preference, why?

Spelling of Emilia 29 votes

86% 25 votes
13% 4 votes

Re: Spelling of Emilia

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    Depends on the pronunciation you want. Ah-melia/Aw-melia or Eh-melia. I’d say most people would assume Amelia as I think it’s the more popular spelling.
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  • ^WSS

    uh-melia vs. em-milia

    I prefer Amelia both for pronunciation and because i see that more frequently so it “looks right” to me, even though I know both are fine.
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  • Amelia and Emelia are two different names. Uh-melia and Eh-melia respectfully. If you want the uh-melia pronunciation, definitely go with the A-spelling, but Emelia is a lovely name in it's own right.
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