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chest pain

Hey everyone. I had a successful egg retrival 4 weeks ago. I developed slight OHSS. My stomach was swollen for maybe 3 days. My RE said my ovaries were 4 times the normal size. I also saw that my estrogen was almost 5,000 by the time of my retrial. (The Dr never mentioned this to me, I just happen to see the reports.) I was doing pretty well until about a week ago when I started having discomfort in my chest. It feels like pressure, not pain. I also have a cold on top of everything. I went to first med a few days ago and they  said I'm fine. I'm just starting to freak out a little from reading online. I hope it's not a blood clot or fluid of some sort. I am calling to make a cardiologist appointment today just in case. Has this happened to anyone? I'm probably making something out of nothing.

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  • Are you feeling any better? I had mild OHSS a few weeks ago, we caught it before fresh transfer and cut off all meds. I only had vomiting, but my RE was a little nervous as my estrogen was 2650 two days before retrieval, and 3000 is usually the cut off point for fresh vs frozen at my clinic. I heard that chest pain can be caused by fluid buildup, and that’s from severe OHSS. I really doubt it was unrelated, so hopefully you got some help or it got better with time.
  • Feeling slightly better. I ended up going to the ER since my Dr was closed until Monday. They did an EKG and blood tests to check for blood clots and all came back fine. I think I may just have a combination of a cold and a pulled muscle in my shoulder or neck thats radiating out to my chest? @LauraJon2015 Are you doing your transfer next cycle then?
  • Glad you are feeling better! I’m already on the start of my next cycle, with FET estimated to be Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed!
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