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Holiday GTKY! 12/7

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What winter holiday do you celebrate?

What is your favorite tradition that you're looking forward to sharing with LO?
Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Holiday GTKY! 12/7

  • What winter holiday do you celebrate? Christmas

    What is your favorite tradition that you're looking forward to sharing with LO? Reading the Christmas story in our jammies on Christmas Eve!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • What winter holiday do you celebrate? Christmas

    What is your favorite tradition that you're looking forward to sharing with LO? We didn't really have any traditional traditions growing up but we have sort of adopted the Christmas onesie pajamas for DD. She's gotten a new pair every Christmas.

    @WinchesterGirl I like your tradition! How fun!
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    We celebrate Christmas.
    I look forward to sharing Christmases that aren't a complete shit show, like the past two years have been with Pickle (age two)! :p
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    We celebrate Christmas and basically ALL the traditions. It’s my favorite time of year. This weekend we will do our yearly gingerbread houses and will go around town looking at lights with the kids in their Christmas pjs. 

    I just got back their Christmas pj photos that we do every year(and plan on making them do into their teens, haha) 
  • What winter holiday do you celebrate?: Can I just say I adore this question? Inclusive questions make me so happy! So this is kind of complicated. I'm a hardcore atheist, but I LOVE CHRISTMAS. So I celebrate Christmas. My husband goes along for the ride, but he doesn't really celebrate Christmas. He celebrates Yule

    What is your favorite tradition that you're looking forward to sharing with LO?: My favorite family traditions that we share w/ the kids already are putting the tree up & watching Christmas movies, going to local Christmas parades, and Christmas morning at our house where my husband's family all come over for breakfast and we open presents!

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  • What winter holiday do you celebrate?: Christmas!

    What is your favorite tradition that you're looking forward to sharing with LO?: This is our 10 month old's first Christmas, so I'm pulling out all the stops. Matching family pjs, a yearly ornament, movies, candies, etc. DH's tradition is to watch Opus' A Wish for Things that Work on Christmas Eve, so we'll do that. This is the first year we're not traveling, so I'll host family at our house for the festivities! 
  • We celebrate Christmas. 
    The tradition that I'm most looking forward to sharing with LO is wheny mom hides the pickle ornament on the tree and all the kidd look for it. The one who finds it gets a special prize. 

    Also, every time I'm at my parents' house, I change her Noel statue to say Leon, and wait to see how long it takes her to notice and I can't wait for my LOs to help me! I know it's silly, but we love it!
  • What winter holiday do you celebrate? Christmas

    What is your favorite tradition that you're looking forward to sharing with LO?
    We do a local Christmas parade, decorate the house and the Christmas tree, matching PJs, find the pickle ornament (which will be much more fun when there are two kids looking for it), and we host a Christmas breakfast at our house for the entire family. 

  • We celebrate Christmas

    We have taken our kids to our local light show the last few years on Christmas Eve. They always have Santa there and it’s fun. I think we are going to make it tradition and do it yearly now. They kids seem to really enjoy it. 

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  • We celebrate Christmas

    everything. We get our tree right after thanksgiving and decorate the house!  I love doing christmas crafts and taking Christmas pictures.  We got an elf this year, proving hard to remember than I thought it would lol and I thought I’d be more creative.. Christmas cookies!! I love this time of year. 

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  • We do Christmas over here too. 

    Since it's DS's first Christmas we're going all out. I always do a lot of baking and we see Grinch the musical every year. This year we added pictures with Santa and I just got us matching pajamas for Christmas morning.

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  • We celebrate Christmas.

    DD was only 10 months for Christmas last year so we didn’t fully establish any new traditions but this year I’m hoping to! We just got our tree up and have been reading her a Christmas book and she’s getting very into it!
  • We celebrate Christmas! 

    And we do all the things.  :D We her our tree right after thanksgiving and we decorate it and the house. We also get Christmas pictures taken together, drive around and look at Christmas lights with cocoa listening to Christmas carols, we make gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies, we watch lots of Christmas movies, we have two elves, we do a ton of crafts, we also sponsor a local family in need and make their Christmas special, and we take part in our church Christmas pageant. On Christmas Eve each child gets a Christmas Eve box with new pjs and a couple special items, then we snuggle together and read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Christmas Day we open presents and visit family. I love Christmas!! 
  • I’m not religious but we celebrate Christmas. 

    I love allllll the traditions. I make ornaments with my nieces and nephews every year, bake cookies, and we’ve started gifting a book a Christmas Eve to my son that we read before bed that were continuing. We also go see the Holiday lights at a brewery every winter. 
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