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At home doppler

Anyone using an at home Doppler? Have you told your doctor your using it and how often are you using it? I have one but have used it only a few times in the last few weeks. Im nervous it’s harmful. I plan to tell my OB I’m using one next week and see what she thinks. 

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    I had one last pregnancy. Used it quite a bit, just never for a long period at a time. I cant recall if I asked my doc or not. I feel like I did. I literally had the same handheld one my nurse used at our appointments.
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    I will say, I did read the concerns about using them and I did not feel it was a risk. I was able to find the heartbeat each time, I was able to differentiate baby's heartbeat from my own or the placenta, and it didn't stress me out. In fact, it reduced my stress - I had a high risk pregnancy and had biweekly ultrasounds, so I was more stressed that my baby wasnt okay. I was careful not to overdo it but other than that, I had no concerns. If I felt like something was wrong, I still contacted my doctor, I didn't self-diagnose.
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  • I also have one that I used occasionally during my first pregnancy. I don’t remember telling my doctor but not because I was hiding it. Obviously you haven’t heard anything on the Doppler yet, right??
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  • I have used one with each of my pregnancies.  I had an in home nurse with my one pregnancy and she could not find the heartbeat on her doppler I told her I was using a doppler and she handed hers over and I found it right away.  I've used them quite a bit until I started feeling movements.. probably at least once a week.  I just got the doppler out yesterday to start trying and found the heart beat tonight. 
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  • @pai314, how far along are you? I can’t remember how early you can pick up a heartbeat 
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  • I used one for my last pregnancy, but definitely not this early on. I started using it around 24 weeks and my dr gave me a recommendation to which one to buy. 
  • We have one from our last pregnancy. I think we used it once or twice for fun, but mostly kept it on hand for a few weeks when kiddo wasn't moving much and it freaked me out. (Around 30 weeks or so?) So not having to rush to doc or ER to be reassured was nice.
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  • Some of the website articles about hand held dopplers are over the top. 

    "Improper use because of a lack of training. Doctors, nurses and midwives typically train for a minimum of three years before performing Doppler ultrasounds on pregnant women."   Really? Even if that's true, I can't imagine it takes three years of training to use a Doppler properly (as evidenced by many of us on this thread).
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  • @ameliabedelia-2
    I'm 9+3.  I believe this is about the time I've found it with each of my pregnancies.
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  • I bought one about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest and have used it for subsequent pregnancies as well. I usually start looking around the 8 week mark and only use it maybe twice a week. I typically just find the hb and then put it away; I don’t chase the kid around to listen to them or anything. Just a quick, “okay good, you’re alive” check. I’ve never told my OB but I don’t feel like I need to hide it either. It’s just never seemed like a topic I needed to discuss with her.
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  • Ok y’all, just to satisfy my curiosity I went home and get my Doppler out after reading this thread. Holy cow! I found the baby’s heartbeat! I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow and am in total shock that I can find it this early. So I owe y’all an apology because i totally didn’t not believe you could use a Doppler this early!
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