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Which name for baby girl?

Thoughts, please! Big sis is Camilla Anne. Which do you prefer:

Gabriela Elise
Esme Celia

Also, do you prefer Esme or Esmee? 

Thanks, y’all!!

Re: Which name for baby girl?

  • Gabriella Elise has better flow, but I prefer Esme with Camilla.
  • I think Esme pairs best with Camilla.
    What about Esme Elise?
  • Gabriella but I like 2 L’s.  Also Gabrielle 
  • I like Esme better with Camilla. Or pp suggestion of Gabrielle.
  • I prefer the name Gabriella over Esme, but I think you'd be constantly tying your tongue in knots trying to say Camilla and Gabriella. Not a fan of the rhyming. I also like PP's suggestion of Gabrielle.
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  • Esme would be my choice by far. I'm not really into -ella names though.
  • Esme (no to Esmee even my phone autocorrects that)

    Too much with the similar endings 

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    I would also go with Esme. As PP noted, Gabriela and Camilla are perhaps too similar sounding and I find the flow of Gabriela Elise to be a bit jarring with the double open vowel sounds between them. Gabrielle Elise sounds better to my ears.
  • Thanks, ladies! These thoughts are quite helpful.
  • I really love Gabriella and Gabriella Elise sounds beautiful. 

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