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Canadian Mums - OB-GYN Appointments

Hello all,

So I am 7 weeks 2 days pregnant as of today. Two weeks ago we confirmed with our GP, who then did blood and urine test, and also sent us for an ultrasound. 

Now he is saying I need to schedule an appointment with the obgyn he is referring me to, to look after me for the rest of the pregnancy.

 I am just wondering what is typical in terms of care and ultrasounds with the obgyn. Do they refer you for ultrasounds or do they do them in their office, and how frequent are appointments.

FTM here so lots of wonders.

Re: Canadian Mums - OB-GYN Appointments

  • Hi there, I'm from Winnipeg MB. My experience with my first was I went to my GP for the first 16ish weeks, we only had two appointments, one at 8 weeks (checked my tummy, talked about prenatals, working out, no blood work, really pointless appointment) and one at 12 weeks (heard heartbeat, checked my tummy again, checked my vitals, asked if i was interested in genetics testing). Neither of my early appointments had ultrasounds. He then referred me to my OB and I had my anatomy ultrasound through them at 20 weeks. It was not in their office but at the hospital just behind their offices. But I saw the OB every month and then every two weeks and every week at the very end. This time around I called my GP and asked if I could just go straight to the OB for appointments. GP agree'd and got me set up again with OB, first appointment isn't til 10 weeks tho (currently 7+4) and I am dying to have my first appointment! I am expecting to hear the heart. I doubt I'll get an ultrasound or sonogram again until the 20 week scan. We went to babymoon a private company to see baby at 15 weeks. 
  • I’m in Ontario, I used an OB for my first pregnancy and I’m going with a midwife this time but I should be able to answer your questions based on my first experience. My family doctor confirmed pregnancy and ordered my 12 week scan. She referred me to my OB who I began seeing at 20 weeks and who ordered my anatomy scan. We only ever did physical exams/Doppler at my OB’s office, anytime I needed an ultrasound she sent the requisition to the clinics imaging department. She also had me do a urine sample every appointment and checked my sample with a little indicator strip, I believe checking for signs of preeclampsia (protein in urine). I can’t remember if my OB or family doctor ordered my glucose test but I saw my family doctor once a month until I transferred care to my OB so I was always in the care of one doctor or another if anything needed to be done or I had any questions or concerns. 

    Appointments were every 4-6 weeks then every 2 weeks and then weekly once I hit I believe 36 weeks. 
  • I'm also in Ontario. My GP practice has a maternity center as part of it so I just stayed with my GP the first time around.

    This time I see an RE who does ultrasounds right there (I'm only there until Monday) and then I'm going to start with my OB who is situated in the hospital I will deliver in. For US appointments generally I will get the US done and then have my appointment with my OB directly after (but only because he is right in the hospital).

    I think it depends on the set up your OB has. Some places have their own US equipment and some don't. With my first I went to the hospital for my US and then had an appointment with my doctor within a day or so. If there were issues found on the US the tech always let me know about it and I always got a call from the doctor that day. Some US places will not tell you anything at your scan and will make you wait until your appointment. But most will let you look and give you any info they have:)
  • Thank you so much! I guess it would be the OB taking over on the testing and the referring for ultrasounds etc.

    Were your OBs involved in your delivery? 

    Out of curiosity, how come you are using a midiwfe this time? I'm actually from England, UK where midwives are the number one resource, but don't really know the advantages of either.

  • @thebabynumberone my OB didn’t deliver my baby, the chances of your midwife being on call at my local hospital are very slim and chances are a stranger delivers your baby which is why I went with a midwife, I’ll have 3 midwives on my team and one of them will deliver my baby. I loved my OB but unfortunately the woman who ended up delivering my baby had awful bedside manner and really ruined a lot of the experience for me. 

    The aftercare program with the midwife is much better as well, they visit 3 times the first week at home and weekly visits after that. I had major issues breastfeeding my first and I feel like in order to be successful this time I’ll need the extra support. I felt the hospital didn’t offer or follow through with resources, I asked to see a lactation consultant multiple times and no one ever came and I never received a referral for any other resources. I’m just hoping for a different experience this time and I have heard amazing things from lots of people about having a midwife, especially how wonderful our local practice is, so I definitely want to give it a shot! I’ll be doing a hospital birth so if I need any major interventions or there’s an emergency I’ll have the option of an OB stepping in if needed which is reassuring as well. 
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