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Change of habits

I thought it could be fun and helpful for some to see what we all start doing differently once we get our BFPs. I’m not talking about the blatantly obvious things like giving up alcohol or smoking, but more like do you go cold turkey on caffeine, change up your exercise routine, swap some of your beauty products, etc.

I still drink my daily cup of coffee but cap it at just one. I also try to swap some of my products over to a more organic based product, specifically my skin creams. My past pregnancies I started a more regular workout routine to try and balance out too much weight gain and have a healthier pregnancy but this go around I’m recovering from a badly broken ankle so will have to put that one on the backburner for now. Oh and I allow myself to indulge in some daytime napping if I have time!
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Re: Change of habits

  • I am actually switching it up a little this pregnancy. With my first two kiddos, I gave up caffeine completely—we had a loss the very first time we got pregnant (before my daughter) so I was always super paranoid. This being my third kiddo (fourth pregnancy), I realize now a cup of coffee a day isn't going to hurt anything. 

    I'm bound and determined to go to the gym regularly this time. I am almost 30 pounds heavier than I have ever been beginning any of my pregnancies, so I'm going to really try and keep my weight gain under control. I haven't been all week because I'm getting over a stupid cold.

    Ummmm... That's about it. :D

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    My OB is super laid back and told me last time I got pregnant to just make smart choices and just to avoid prepared food at gas stations or sketchy places, so I didn't change much last time and I plan to do the same this time.  He made a great point that there have been more recalls of ice cream and produce in the last 10 years than deli meat.  Also, most soft cheeses in the US use pasteurized milk so I just check the labels and still enjoy brie. As far as caffeine, he just told me not to slam espressos all day and have caffeine in moderation. 
    For anyone who is interested in reading about the pregnancy rules and the reasoning behind them, I highly recommend the book "Expecting Better" by Emily Oster.  She is an economist and looks at all of the medical studies for the pregnancy rules and basically tells you her point of view after analyzing the available data.  I found it super interesting.  
    As far as things I am doing differently this time around- working out.  I walked a few miles daily with my first pregnancy and it definitely helped me stay in better shape and curb my weight gain. This time around, having an 18 month old and unpredictable Texas weather, I don't think walking will be as easy.  We have a Peloton and I have been good about riding almost every day. I really want to try to push through the exhaustion and work out 30 minutes 5x a week or so even if it is literally sitting there and moving my legs slowly.  
  • We are consciously adding more veggies to each meal. Looking for more organic produce options. I switched up some beauty products. I'm also sneaking some day time naps when I can! Not too much else. 

    It feels like you could drown in all the different suggestions there are for what to do/what not to do in pregnancy.  😕 Just trying to figure out what has some evidence behind it. 
  • @runningisrad I’m the same way on the coffee! Went cold turkey on my first pregnancy for 20 weeks and then only allowed myself 1 cup a week afterwards. With baby 2 I had my daily cup and that baby came out so much more chill and even healthier than my first! 

    @mkrel I totally agree on just trying to make smart choices! And right?? Romaine is more dangerous to eat right now than any of the ‘no no’ pregnancy foods. How do you like your Peloton? We have looked into getting one 
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  • @olivemomma my second definitely did NOT come out more chill than my first  :D :D my daughter (oldest) is SO laid back and my youngest (son) is like the Tasmanian devil.

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  • I stopped caffeine cold turkey as I did with my first. I do have decaf still though which has a small amount of caffiene, which I credit with not having serious caffiene withdrawals. I won’t be eating anything on the no no list, I’m just a paranoid follow-the-rules person. I don’t clean the litter box anymore and have quit using retinol products. I’m only missing turkey sandwiches and sushi so far!

  • @mewebster59 ohhh, I forgot about the litter box. That torch has been passed to my daughter. Who, to be honest, should have been cleaning it since we got the cats last year 😂

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    @olivemomma I love the Peloton.  It is the only way I can get myself to workout because I don't have to leave the house or spend time commuting, plus I always loved spin classes.  
  • To be honest I stay under 200mg of caffeine per day but have absolutely no problem drinking my daily coffee or two. I'm so impressed by those of you that have gone cold turkey, that's not easy! 
  • I plan on cutting caffeine (had a decaf this morning). I also am doing a happy dance that DH has to do the litter box now! @mewebster59 @runningisrad

    And I forgot about no sushi  :( I'm also going to plan on trying to get more daily walking in this time around.
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  • We are Vegetarians but I have started adding eggs to my diet. I have also started drinking a glass of Soy milk at work which unfortunately makes me a smelly goose 🙊. Taking it easy on the exercise at least until the first OB appt which is not until Jan.
  • I cut my caffeine consumption down to 1 cup a day. No more litter boxes, no more ibuprofen for headaches, and no more sushi.  :'(  

    The biggest change for me is that I’m actually making a conscientious effort to eat appropriate breakfast and lunches and I’m drinking wayyyy more water than I normally drink. 

    I will continue to eat soft cheeses as long as their pasteurized and my doctor told me to be smart when it comes to deli meat. I think that’s about it. 
  • This time around I'm not giving up my daily cup of coffee. I'm also a gym regular and I don't plan on stopping. My first pregnancy I didn't workout and labor was awful, so I'm hoping that working on my core and legs this go round. I am off course giving up my pre-workout drink though :( 
    @mkrel I like the laid back approach! I hope to give up worrying as much as I did in the first pregnancy. 
  • @threeleftturns - kegels!! That’s a good one! I need to do those this go around as well
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  • I drink 2+ cups of coffee a day. With my first I went down to 1. This time I need all the coffee I can get. I eat all the deli meats, sushi, etc. The only thing I plan on changing is letting myself have a nap as often as possible and letting DH change the litter box. As for everything else... I will do what I have to to get through the day, food wise. 

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  • I am a pretty careful/rule follower pregnant lady. So I pretty much kept every restriction last time. The only one I really missed was cold deli meat, because I craved cold sandwiches & couldn't have them. 

    Mostly though, not a lot of big changes from my normal lifestyle - we do not drink, 
    I already drink moderate amounts of tea, use natural body products without a lot of junk in them, and have a fairly healthy diet. My love of Chick-fil-A runs deep though.  :D

    I'm still nursing DS, so all the good meds were already off limits, so no change there either. I will say that one day, when I'm no longer pregnant or nursing, I'm going to the allergist to get the biggest, strongest allergy prescription they will give me. #DreamBig  :#
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  • I really don't change too much while pregnant. I don't eat deli meat regularly, so I just stop with that completely because it makes me uneasy. I also don't eat raw sushi, just get the cooked or vegetable rolls. I miss ibuprofen because Tylenol does nothing for me. Still have a cup of coffee every day and the occasional glass of wine. I eat a pretty healthy diet and work out regularly, so I'm going to keep going with that. I will add in extra fruit and vegetables throughout the day though. 
  • This is my first pregnancy, so I'm paranoid about everything. No deli meat (unless it's been heated enough to kill Listeria), no sushi, went cold turkey on caffeine, and wayyy more fruits and veggies than before. I'm going to start up a walking routine in a couple weeks, then more moderate intensity floor exercises when I hit the second trimester.
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