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Plus size pregnancy

So I know the goal is healthy baby and that is my 1# focus, but are any of you plus-size moms worried about your stomach and it not looking “pregnant” especially if you already have a bit of a stomach?. I’m at size 16/18 and I’m worried that I’ll just look fatter. All I want is a healthy baby but I would be nice to look cute while doing it.

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    I'm a size 16/18 too and worry about the same thing. Funny, before i got pregnant, i was worried people would think i was pregnant when i wasn't! Based on some reading I've done, i think the biggest thing for me is going to be working extra hard to eat healthy and not gain weight. I have my initial appointment in a couple weeks and plan on discussing my weight concerns with my doctor.
  • Same size here! Plus I am short. This is my 3rd child but my heaviest weight for a pregnancy. I lost 20 lbs this year and I am dreading gaining it back. 
  • I am plus size and worried about this in my last pregnancy but you could tell I was pregnant by 12-14 weeks.  I had a nice bump beyond that. Don’t worry too much!
  • Similar size, third child and I hold a lot of my weight in my stomach but the bump hardens and pops. I love being pregnant and having a baby belly instead of just chub. 

    This is is the heaviest starting weight for a pregnancy so my goal is to not gain/very minimal gain. I only gained 12lbs in my last pregnancy but could have been healthier and have high hopes for this pregnancy. 
  • Plus size here too. Worried about overall health of me and babe. Haven't gained yet, only 9 weeks, but know that 10-20 lb gain is normal/healthy for my weight. 
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