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Pets + pregnancy

I’m curious to hear if your pets seem know that something has changed! This is my first pregnancy and my two year old lab mix has been intensely snuggly with me over the past few weeks, when she is normally glued to my husband. She also lost it last week when I left the house anxious before a doctor appointment - hadn’t heard her howl like that since she was a tiny puppy. But mostly, it’s been an intense need to snuggle as closely as possible. :-) Has anyone else observed changes to their pets behaviour?

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    I noticed too, especially in the first few weeks I found out. Even my ten month old crazy puppy was trying to snuggle, and he is NOT a lap dog by any means. Lately, it’s been less though it seems (I’m 9w1d). 
  • My dog was very clingy during my last pregnancy and would often lay all 50lbs of herself on my belly. She's been very snuggly again lately, smooshing up against me on the couch any chance she can get. 
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  • Right this second.  She is always here by me and is not a super snuggly dog. 
  • Yup. My snuggler is more snuggly; My high energy pup is climb-on-top-of-me extra snuggly; My mellow man keeps looking at me like he still can't believe he isnt the only 4-legged child anymore and now there's going to be another one but he wants to spoon anyway; My non-snuggler is wanting more attention than usual; and My foster stalks me around the house. This is going to be a crowded pregnancy! 
  • Same! My clinger has been even clingier. We've always been buds but it seems he cant get enough of me, snuggling right on top of my belly like he used to as a pup. He's in his golden lazy beagle years now so he makes the perfect napping partner 😊
  • @nopegoat my pet duck wont stop quacking/alearting when sitting with me. 
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    @nopegoat my pet duck wont stop quacking/alearting when sitting with me. 
    Haha! What kind of duck? Our geese have  been a little more vocal around me but our ducks are also in the "I don't give a poo" category lol. 

  • @nopegoat she is a mallard. She had been snuggling more with me on my stomach but the last few days she is so maybe she hears the heartbeat.
  • @blackrosevamp Aww! We have wild mallards that come hang out with our flock during the spring. They are soo pretty!

    We have Indian Runners, Rouens, black Swedish, and Blue Swedish. 

  • @nopegoat @blackrosevamp y'all make me want a farm!
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  • @babyginjuly do it!!! It's so tough at times but I absolutely love it!! 

  • My cat sits on my lower abdomen more than she used to.

    I'm just enjoying the "no litter box" rule. 
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  • @firecracker_mama Being banned from litter box duty is the best ban ever!

    @blackrosevamp I have never heard of a pet duck. That sounds fun and unique! Does it come inside?
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