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Random Chatter w/o 12/3/18


Re: Random Chatter w/o 12/3/18

  • @littlestbear03 oh my gosh I admire your patience! I always have to tell my husband as soon as I find out. That will be a great anniversary surprise!
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  • My Christmas tree fell completely over last night and a ton of our ornaments broke 😩😩😩. Plus my DH is out of town so I have to figure out a way to stabilize that dang thing today solo
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  • @olivemomma oh no!!! That sounds so terrible.  We always tie ours to the wall with like hooks and fishing wire.  I hope you are able to salvage some ornaments.  

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  • @olivemomma Oh no! Any idea how it fell over?
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  • @olivemomma nooooo! I'm so sorry. We have 2 cats & last year they were still kittens; they knocked our tree over multiple times and broke some of mine. I was so mad! I hope you're able to fix some of the ornaments. 

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  • Thanks ladies. @MollyH1987 I have no clue what happened! I bought a super heavy duty stand today and had someone come to help me stabilize it. Lost over a dozen ornaments but I suppose it could have been worse
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    @kmsparks824 My appointment isn't until early January, either. Its pretty normal for doctors to wait to see you until 8-12 weeks. 

    Christmas season is such a TOUGH season to be secretly pregnant. I'm hosting my brother's graduation party and then have a bunch of Holiday parties to attend. My family will call me out in five seconds flat, so it won't be a secret for long. 

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  • @olivemomma we have definitely had it happen before and it stinks, usually because of our cats. :| Glad you were able to stabilize it though!! 
  • @runningisrad & @Perfectypo The first tri is very stressful. 

    * TW MC * 

    We had a MC at 9 weeks before DS. First pregnancy, spotted almost the whole time which was nerve wracking. And the MC started on Christmas morning. So this time of year always brings that back up. 

    So, add me to the religious TP checking club. 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
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