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    Hi there and welcome to our community. I'm so sorry for your loss, and we have a great support system in TTCAL (trying to conceive after loss). However, it is against TOU to ask if you are pregnant, even in a roundabout way. Also, we discourage one-off posts like this, and welcome you to post in our newbie thread.
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    JackandAJ  Wait... so you were 6 weeks PG, and suddenly just decided to take another test cause you thought you were going to lose it and immediately noticed it was gone?  Cause HCG doesn't work like that... so I'm confused...
    Also, were you not advised by your doctor to abstain from TTCAL for 1-3 cycles following your loss, as is standard procedure? 
    Truthfully, if you did experience a loss, the only normal after a MC is that there is no normal. It can take your body 6-12 months to go back to a 'new' normal after MC. I highly HIGHLY recommend BBT after a MC to know what you body is doing and reduce stress. Additionally, after a MC your HCG can take a while to drop, which is oftentimes why they make you take betas regularly until it drops to 0 / below 5. If you did not do this, you have no way to know if you would take a test now if it were to be positive from the HCG from your previous MC or from a new PG. (although you say you're getting negatives, so I'm guessing your HCG was tracked down before now?)

    Anyway, your whole post just confuses me... so I'm not sure if you're anxious and didn't explain clearly, or if you have no idea what you're doing?

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    Me: 34    DH: 37
    MC #1: D&C Oct 23, 2015 (7.5 weeks)
    Married: Nov. 7, 2015
    MC #2: July 1, 2016 (5.5 weeks) 
    MC #3: October 17, 2016 (CP)
    RPL testing November 2016-January 2017
    MC #4: Feb. 28, 2017 (CP)
    Additional RPL testing March-November 2017
    Possibly giving up because I just can't even anymore...


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