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WTO Tuesday 12/4

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!**





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Married 10.2016
TTC #1 11.2017

Re: WTO Tuesday 12/4

  • Month/Cycle: 2/1

    CD: 13

    R/R: it's raining here and there were 2 accidents on I-95 on my way to work making me 15 minutes late.  Today is my anniversary and MH actually remembered to get me a card. 

    CS/Q: my OPK was just a tad lighter then control line this morning so I'm anticipating a positive later in the day. But I was surprised to see my temp drop this morning. 

  • @kimmer1412 some ladies see a temp drop before O. Looks like you're close! and on your anniversary?! Get it girl!

    Month/cycle: 7

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: nothing yet!! But avoiding caffeine (so far so good!) and trying to eat better.

    R/R: After getting no sleep during the last few days of my TWW, I finally slept a full 8 hours last night. Hope I can keep it up. Wish I could get out of my AF funk, but I'm having trouble shaking this one. 

    CS/Q: nope, nothing to see here. 
  • Hey, hey, hey! Guys, I am way too alert and chipper for a Tuesday morning. Oh well, maybe it will wear off.

    @kimmer1412 - Happy anniversary! I'm glad YH remembered. A little bit of a lower temp is normal for right before O. I'm guessing you'll get a positive soon!

    @jennifer_louise - I'm sorry you're having a hard time shaking the funk this time. Sometimes certain cycles just hit a little harder than others.

    Month/Cycle: 8/7

    CD: 15

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, CM, BBT, HIO ED, cutting back caffeine 
    R/R: DH and I had a calendar syncing session last night for the next month and a half to make sure we know all the parties and appointments and everything each other has. It's a crazy month, but it should be fun! Christmas 1 of 3 is in just nine days, but I only have one more present to buy.

    CS/Q: FF decided I have taken too many 4:15 temps and switched that to my "normal" time. Ugh, hopefully I can get some better sleep soon with no rude awakenings.

    Awkward Family Christmas Photo - TTGP December sig challenge

  • @jennifer_louise I didn't know that about a temp drop, wahoo maybe we'll get an anniversary gift and a Christmas surprise this year. I wouldn't be sad about that.  MH wants a BFP before Christmas because he has all these cute announcement ideas for the grandparents. 

    @elle-0409 we went out to a nice dinner Saturday night so tonight will be normal crazy life. I have a final for school, homework, dinner, dishes.....life LOL. 

    @marebear15 thanks!
  • @elle-0409 - Your whole post has me cracking up. I'm glad you can see the lighter side of things during AF.

    @kiki047 - I think you've earned the right to say "all the things." I hope your appointment goes well and you can find a way to relax.

    @brookert615 - Lol, sorry, I've already lost half my inspiration this morning when my coffee ran out. I'm only drinking half a cup now, and it goes so quickly! Any close positive OPKs yet? I just had a bit of what I think was EWCM mixed with creamy, so I'm hoping O is coming sooner than I thought!
    Awkward Family Christmas Photo - TTGP December sig challenge

  • @marebear15 Not even close to a positive OPK yet. I took a bunch over the weekend, one during work yesterday and then after work. It's barely a line! But I had promising CM this morning as well this morning! FX you get that O soon!!! 

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  • @kiki047 - That's good news, but I'm so sorry about your panic attack. Those are awful and I've passed out a few times from them too. I get massive migraines afterwards and my eyes do weird things. Tell me you took the day off of work, because I'd hate for you to be trying to push through work after something like that. 
    Oh my word to the viagra commercial!  :D This much sex is a little overboard for me, but we've been trying to mix things up (i.e. living room, etc.) lately because it's getting so predictable.
    Awkward Family Christmas Photo - TTGP December sig challenge

  • @kiki047 ; <3 <3 <3 That's too funny about the kitchen - you guys put a lot into it! Better put it to use  :D :D :D .

    @marebear15 I'm low key jealous of your BD streak haha. DH needs to be "romanced" and it's tough sometimes to just try and get creative!!! 

    TTGP December 2018 Siggy Challenge: Awkward Family Photos

    October 2018 TTGP Siggy Challenge Winner - Animals in Costume

  • @kiki047 awww Kiki I’m sorry about the shitty appt and how awful it was. But glad it’s over, glad you didn’t have to wait for results and glad everything is clear :) I say it’s a treat yoself day!! What’s your splurge? Mine is a cheese bagel :) 

    Me 30 DH 31
    MC 1/4/18 @ 21 weeks 
    CP 5/6/18 @ 5.5 weeks
    MC 6/22/18 @ 6.5 weeks

  • @kiki047:  reading your experience made me get a little panicky!  I'm so sorry that happened, and hope that you can go easy today.  
  • @brookert615 it'll be a multi-function kitchen ;) ;) hahaha. *aaaaand adding more lysol wipes to my Amazon cart* 
    @nomangos23 I hid a pint of pralines & cream haagen dazs at the bottom of the freezer for a rainy day. Today is that day. I get to leave early to go see my naturopath so at least I have a short day. 
    @lcking82 I don't think my experience is the norm, hopefully I don't completely freak everyone out (like poor chichiphin who is going for hers on Friday I think). I probably should've taken the ativan first, knowing how poorly I react to pain and medical procedures. 

    Me: 32  SO: 35

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug 2018: PCOS

    Nov '18: Cycle monitoring, testing w/RE

  • @kiki047 I'm sore about your unpleasant experience today but I'm so happy your ute is looking good!! (add that to the list of things I never thought I would be saying) 
  • @brookert615 Get thee to a gym! I believe in you! I went this morning even though I was battling AF, and I felt so much better afterwards. You can do it!
    @kiki047 Oh hon, I'm so sorry! That sounds terrifying. I am glad that everything looks good, but I'm sorry that you had to go through that. Be gentle with yourself today, and get after that Haagen-Dazs! <3

    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • *popping on in*

    @kiki047 YOU’RE A CHAMPION!! Great news about your ute and tubies! Also, here is another meerkat gif because who knew that those adorable animals can get so sleeeeeeepy. Seriously...there are some adorable ones out there to brighten up your day!

    TTGP December Siggy: Awkward Family Christmas Photos


  • @littleredm - Me at your fart story ^^

    Awkward Family Christmas Photo - TTGP December sig challenge

  • @littleredm No!!!! That is awful!!! Now you will have a great story when you get compliments on that cute sweater!!! 

    TTGP December 2018 Siggy Challenge: Awkward Family Photos

    October 2018 TTGP Siggy Challenge Winner - Animals in Costume

  • @littleredm Oh my gosh, I love it! "Are you feeling... smepsy?"

    Also, what a terrible thing that human did to you. I can imagine the first time that you wear this sweater, someone will approach you and comment on how nice it is. Then a shadow will cross your face. "Yes, I bought this beautiful, new sweater. But at what cost?"

    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @kimmer1412 Happy anniversary!! Hopefully today is O day for you!
    @jennifer_louise Yay for a full night’s sleep! Hopefully getting closer to O will help you not to focus on AF’s unfortunate arrival.
    @marebear15 Thank you for the reminder that I really need to start shopping for gifts... I’ve bought nothing other than a Secret Santa gift for work (of course I got my boss!).
    @elle-0409 I hope 6 is your lucky number this month!!
    @brookert615 FX for O! I hope you find the motivation to work out! I sure as heck am not.
    @kiki047 Ugh sorry that your appointment was so traumatic!! At least your results are good ❤️ FX for the SA results!
    @littleredm OMG I’m dying 😂😂

    Month/Cycle: 8/6

    CD: 15

    WAYDTGKU: Ava, HIO EOD+ (just started since I O so late), Ovasitol, Vitex, pnv
    R/R: H and I made plans to go away for the weekend to a cabin in the middle of nowhere! It’s only an hour and a half from where we live and we’ve gone before. The cabins have gas fireplaces (our house has no fireplace) plus no tv and little cell service so it’ll be nice to get away and relax. I’m looking forward to it!

    CS/Q: Debating doing an OPK since I haven’t peed on anything in a while but eh.

    TTC #1: May 2018
  • Just got my +OPK 
  • @kiki047 sorry about the panic attack but yay for good news

    @littleredm that fart story is so disgusting 🤢

    @dogmomma096 that cabin getaway sounds amazing. Have fun!
  • Hi! I'm new and intro'd in the intro thread. Hope you'll have me in WTO.

    @kimmer1412, happy anniversary!
    @jennifer_louise & @marebear15 way to go on cutting back the caffeine! I struggle with this so much. Every month I'm getting a little better, but I haven't been able to cut it out 100% yet. I might be addicted to coffee, LOL.
    @elle-0409, fingers crossed for lucky number 6!
    @kiki047, I'm so sorry for your panic attack. I'm glad your clinic took good care of you  <3
    @bookert615, good luck finding your workout motivation, and if you find some, send some my way!  ;)
    @littleredm, you have my sympathies for that stink situation. Yay for new sweater though! Treat yo self!
    @dogmomma096, your weekend away sounds incredible!

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: nothing earth shattering today, will likely start OPKs tomorrow
    R/R: I was supposed to have jury duty today, which I actually really wanted to go to! My inner Leslie Knope wanted to go hang out at a lovely government building for a day. Alas, all the cases slotted for court today were apparently settled, so I didn't have to go. Darn!

    CS/Q: nope
  • @dogmomma096 ; That sounds like a really relaxing weekend! Hope it's awesome.
    @galentine Welcome! Haha Leslie Knope is who everybody should aspire to be! Sorry you missed out on your chance for jury duty.

    @elle-0409 @brookert615 ; @dogmomma096 ; I was sending my husband texts like (see below) when it happened!

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  • @jennifer_louise haha no kidding. I have a love/hate relationship with my ute but I am relieved she's in tip top shape. 
    @elle-0409 thank you! Just finished dinner (tacos!) so ice cream is imminent. Mmmm. 
    @littleredm I'm chuckling (silently, trying not to disturb my very angry, sore, bloated ute/cervix) at your Kohls story. I am SO sorry that happened to you, GFY for not audibly gagging and getting out of the line. MF's old boss used to let 'er rip all around the office, as if nobody noticed, and because she was hard of hearing I don't think she realized they made a sound. I used to think it was funny, until she did it to me once when I was showing her how my hearing aid worked and I came close to suffocating in her office. NO shame. So I feel your pain. 
    @dogmomma096 your cabin getaway sounds perfect! 
    @kimmer1412 yahoo! It's go time!
    @galentine hi! welcome! I hope your stay here is short but happy to have you with us! 

    Me: 32  SO: 35

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug 2018: PCOS

    Nov '18: Cycle monitoring, testing w/RE

  • @dogmomma096 oh my goodness your little cabin weekend sounds so romantic! ❤️❤️❤️

    @galentine Welcome! Love Parks and Rec! Sending all the workout motivation your way! It was painful because I usually do morning workouts but glad I did it lol.

    @littleredm Hahaha! I bet he was dying at your play-by-play of the events unfolding 😂.

    TTGP December 2018 Siggy Challenge: Awkward Family Photos

    October 2018 TTGP Siggy Challenge Winner - Animals in Costume

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