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Grace for a non-religious family?

We're struggling with a name for DD2, due in March. I love Grace, but hubby and I are agnostic and atheist. I think of it more as the word (ie graceful), but he thinks people might assume it's religious, first and foremost. Thoughts? 

Also open to suggestions. My other options are Corinne, Sabrina, and Eliza. DH likes Hannah, Teagan, and Emily. We're both "meh" on each other's choices. TIA!

Re: Grace for a non-religious family?

  • I like Grace and don’t think it sounds religious. 
  • I like Grace too and wouldn't assume a religious association.
  • Other than being associated with the song Amazing Grace, I don't think the name Grace necessarily has religious connotations. According to google, the first definition is: simple elegance or refinement of movement
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  • I would not assume Grace to be a religious name on it's own.
  • Grace is not a religious name imo

  • same as PP's - I definitely don't think of it as a religious name
  • My niece, Grace Elizabeth has non-religious  parents and it’s never been an issue. Honestly the thing that comes up most is that irony in her name because she is a total clutz!  :D
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  • Well, I really like Zeke for a boy (full name would have to be Ezekiel) and the thing that puts me off is it's religious and I'm not. Grace is definitely not on that level! Lol. Anyway, I agree with everyone else.

    Side note, I also really love Corinne and DH does not. Damn husbands.
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  • Huh! I am pleasantly surprised at the results. (And yes, my other biggest worry is definitely the klutz factor, at least based on genetics!) Thanks, everyone! 
  • I don’t connect it with religion particularly. It’s my daughter’s MN and we just chose it because we liked the name. I say go for it!

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