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Symptoms week of 12/3


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  • What’s your due date: 8/18
    What are your symptoms: Not a lot yet, mainly nausea & some dizziness. I had very severe MS for 22 weeks last time and was on nausea meds until delivery, so planning an early Dr. visit to have meds on hand, in case it's the same this time! 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • I've been feeling pretty sick today, luckily no vomiting but my stomach is NOT happy. I swear my morning coffee also tasted like bacon and it was awful  :s Pregnancy does weird things to you! 
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    Due date: 8/5

    I have enough gas to power an armada of equally smelly diesel engines, and I'm a bottomless pit regarding food. My boobs feel like rocks and can only tolerate sports bras. Occasional bouts of nausea, but the bloating is strong with this one.
  • Due date: 8/14

    Sore nipples, horrible gas pain, insomnia and my anxiety has been worse this past week than before I was pregnant. I was extremely nauseous and puked once the day before my missed period but unclear if that was a stomach bug or something pregnancy related! My morning sickness didn’t start until week 7 with DD...
  • @lfrank12 all my symptoms started earlier and were worse with my 2nd child. I started puking around 4w2d weeks with my son (2nd kid), and even earlier with this baby! 

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  • Due date is 8/10

    I’ve been tired on and off but heartburn started out of nowhere this weekend. I had a couple of Halos yesterday and needed Tums afterwards!
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    Started seeing RE in June 2015
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  • Due Date: 8/14
    Symptoms: fatigue, HUNGRY, some light cramping here and there, very emotional constipation and very little nausea. 
  • boldlizzyboldlizzy member
    First time pregnant here and I am also eating my weight in olives! I didn’t even like them before pregnant!! Love them. 
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