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Beta 2 Glycoprotein Antibody

Hi Ladies!

I just started my second IVF cycle and my nurse told me the Beta 2 glycoprotein antibody test came back abnormal at my post-FET consultation. I was told I would have to be on Lovenox for my next FET. My first cycle was in July with a September FET, unfortunately I had a c/p between 4-5 weeks with a PGS normal embryo. I haven't been able to find much on this specific test/condition. I am only able to find information on general clotting/coagulation disorders, but according to the nurse the other blood tests came back normal. I was just wondering if anyone has any information/experience with the Beta 2 glycoprotein antibody? or success with Lovenox? 

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  • Beta-2 glycoprotein antibodies is a relatively recent area of study in causes of infertility. Abnormal levels are linked to implantation failure as well as early and late term losses, mostly due to abnormal clotting and/or coagulation. You have to first exclude other autoimmune disease (lupus, etc) but alot of clinics are starting to look at and treat this to improve outcomes. Initially, aspirin was the recommended treatment but now some studies have suggested aspirin + heparin or lovenox significantly improves success in patients with abnormal antiphospholipid antibodies (beta2 glycoprotein falls in this category) -- 40 percent improvement vs 70+ percent improvement. I think it's heartening to see your clinic taking such an aggressive approach. The difference between heparin and lovenox is that lovenox doesn't need to be monitored as closely. You will likely have to come off it before delivery, but you can think about that -when- it happens :smiley:

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  • @mbradfo2 thank you for all the information! this is great. I do have hypothyroidism but that is being monitored by my regular endocrinologist. My nurse had said the Beta 2 was the only one in that category that came back abnormal, the others were all normal. Not sure by how much I am out of range, but hopefully will get a chance to speak to my RE soon about it. 
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