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I dont feel anything! Help

I just found out last week im pregnant. Im just about 6 weeks pregnant with my first. Im really nervous because last week i had sore boobs and this week i feel nothing its like im not even pregnant. I havent had any cramping or bleeding. Im so afraid for my first ultra sound. Do some people not have any symptoms?

Re: I dont feel anything! Help

  • Hi- this would be a great place to talk about your concerns https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12737308/symptoms-of-the-week-11-26#latest
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  • Thanks for your reply.i dont have morning sickness and im not 11 weeks. That forum isnt where i am. 
  • Week of 11/26 not week 11. That forum is about symptoms or lack thereof. 

    To to answer your question, that’s totally normal. Some people have a quicker adjustment to the hormones and others don’t. Just try to breathe. The only time to worry is when you start to bleed with cramping. 

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  • Thank you so much!
  • I did thank you! 
  • With my first I had the same thing. Just got big boobs and other than that felt totally normal. But looking back if you look up symptoms of early pregnancy and scroll through a list I'm sure you will notice more subtle pregnancy symptoms than you think. Like extra hunger, thirst, peeing more, sensitive to smells, extra hot/cold, being more fatigued ect. Don't worry the symptoms will catch up to you eventually and then you will probably wish they hadn't. Every mom has a different experience of symptoms based off the crazziness of their hormones.
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