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Help please! Baby girls names!

Hubby and I tend to like more traditional names, with a few exceptions. My favorites are Juliet, Grace, Lucy, and Addison. Middle name will be Paget (family name) and last name is 3 syllables beginning with B. What are people's thoughts on these first names? I know Addison is the more trendy of the four, but is it too trendy? I personally don't know any Addisons, but I think the name was really popular a few years ago. Juliet is not as popular, but Lucy and Grace have been in the top 50 or so for the last few years- not super common but popular. Thanks!!

Re: Help please! Baby girls names!

  • I like Juliet, Grace, and Lucy. Lucy would be my first choice. 

    I dislike Addison. I agree it isn’t all that popular but there have been loads of “Addy’s” who also might be Adeline, Adelaide, Etc.  Also it blends in with Madison, Emerson, etc and I don’t like “-son” on girls. 


  • I’m tired Addi- names as well. My favorite of your names is Grace. 

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  • Addy and Abby names are very trendy. Lucy and Grace are popular but classic so they won’t be dated. Addison is more like Jennifer where you will be time stamped. Lucy ornGrace could literally be any age upon hearing the name but addison is most likely born in the last year years. As a Jennifer I hate having a time stamped name as well as growing up in a sea of Jen, Jenn, Jenny, Jennifer etc

  • Love Juliet!
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    I feel like Juliet is classic but under used, pretty and has nickname potential (Julie, Jules) so that gets my vote hands down. 

    ETA: I'm not a huge fan of Grace although there is nothing wrong with it. Lucy has always felt incomplete to me, like it's a nickname but i'm not sure for what. I'm super over the Addy's and -son trend.
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  • @thatbaintforbetty Lucy is usually a nickname for Lucille. We are naming our second daughter that. There may be others, but that's the most obvious one that comes to mind.
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  • @meggyme Ohhh I don't know how i didn't think of that! That makes sense.
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  • Agree with PP's that Addison is my least favorite of  your choices and doesn't seem to fit the vibe of the other 3.  I like Lucy best, but Grace and Juliet are fantastic too.
  • If Padget is the MN I think Grace or Lucy. I love Juliet but not sure Juliet Padget sounds right. 
  • Thanks everyone! I'm leaning away from Addison because the other names feel more like us. I haven't shared these names with anyone I know, so it's very helpful to get your feedback!
  • Addison is the only name on your list that I do not like. All the rest are great.

  • Agree with everyone else that I would avoid Addison. My favorites from your list are Grace followed by Lucy.
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