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Any other IVF moms in here? How long are you under your REs care and when are you switching over to your OB/GYN? Do you know your baby's sex already?

I meet with my OBGYN on Dec 10, so at 10.5 weeks, and I'll be seeing my RE for weekly ultrasounds until then. I think he'll take me off my meds around 12 weeks. We transferred one male embryo, so we know this is a boy for sure (already have a daughter, also via IVF). 
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  • Hi. I'm an IVF mom. I'm not sure how long I will be under the RE's care as we are having our very first ultrasound on December 4th (at that point I will be 8 weeks).
    This is our first child and we do not know the sex. We had a failed fresh transfer a few months back, this pregnancy was achieved via frozen embryo transfer. We are so looking forward to our appointment next week. Currently still taking PIO shots and using estrogen patches.
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    Good luck at your appointment! We had four failed transfers before we got my daughter, which is why we wound up doing genetic testing on the remaining embryos. The doc thought maybe we had a really high proportion of embryos with chromosome issues. With my daughter, we put in two, one of each sex, and one took, so the gender was a surprise! It's a little anti-climactic knowing it's a boy already, but I'm just glad it took as this was our last go 'round with IVF.
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  • Kind of off topic.. but fun fact: I’m an IVF “baby”!! 
    i have a twin sister & my little sister was frozen as an embryo for 7 years. People think it’s always crazy that she was conceived at the same time as me and my twin but is 7 years younger. 
    Wow!! Your parents were cutting edge, IVF had to be around for less than a decade depending on your age. I read it was a lot harder back then, they often made women go on bedrest the entire pregnancy, yikes.
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  • I’ll be 22 in a week. The only reason my mom got it was because her tubes were tied after she had my 2 older sisters, then met my dad and he wanted more kids! They definitely didn’t know our genders before hand or anything like that! 
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    I think it is still even today pretty rare to know the sex even with IVF. Genetic testing is an additional expense in an already expensive procedure, there's a risk that it destroys the embryo, and it may not be 100% accurate (embryos may be able to "heal" some chromosomal abnormalities - life finds a way!). But when you have multiple failed rounds and they can't pinpoint why, it's something that they suggest. We were 0/4 without it and 2/2 with it, so anecdotally, worked for me!

    Still feels a bit weird to have so much control over the process... but I'll take it!
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  • IVF MOM here!! Thanks for starting this thread as I find it hard to relate to people posting about their "OOPS pregnancy's". I'm still under the RE's care as I'm only 6 weeks today. I'm almost positive I'll be switching over around 8/9 weeks. We also transferred a beautiful male embryo! I'm currently doing estrace,  PIO, and endometrin inserts(my progesterone came back low at my 5 week 4 day appointment). This was our first FET and it took the first try. Honestly I was convinced it wouldnt but DH was convinced it did... probably the only time I was excited to say " you were right "  :D :D :D
    Here is our 5 week 4 day scan! She saw a gestational sac, yolk sac, and she could see a fetal pole but barely which I didn't expect her to see one at all being that early  :)

    Nov FET sheet

    Me 38 & DH 43 
    ***TW 1 MC 1998**
    TTC # 1 2017

    MFI/Septate Uterus

    Dec 17 IVF # 1 29 Retrieved, 25 Mature , 21 Fertilized w/ICSI, 12 made to day 5
    5 PGS normal(1 male and 4 females) and 3 mosaics(MORE FEMALES)

    Resection of uterine septum 1/22/18

    FET # 1 - 11/6/18 = BFP , EDD 7/25/19

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    Well  had my last RE appointment today at 9w4d. I didnt expect today to be my last appointment (thought I had one more week) but I'm released to my OBGYN. I stop my meds at 10 weeks!
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  • I didn’t do IVF..we actually conceived right before we were going to start IVF with the help of letrozole, trigger and IUI. We just got transferrd at 8 weeks to our OB. I’m praying this baby keeps on growing. Good luck to all you ladies on your miracle babies! 
  • IVF mama here! We finally were successful on our 6th FET when we transferred our last 3 embryos out of a total of 10 originally! I have my graduation appt tomorrow at 9w4d and as long as all looks well, I’m released. I took my last PIO shot last night and they’ll draw my progesterone levels tomorrow too. If all is well, I’ll stay off them, otherwise, I’ll keep up with shots for a few more weeks. I’m super paranoid and almost want to keep doing them anyway, just in case! We didn’t do genetic testing so we don’t know the sex yet. I’m planning to do the NIPT testing though so we should find out in a few weeks! 
  • Hi everyone!
    Congrats on your successful transfers!! I'm pregnant with my second IVF baby after my third FET. I'm 6 weeks exactly and had my second u/s this morning- everything is on track so far.  I'll go to my RE for u/s the next two weeks and stay on my meds until 10 weeks. We didn't do PGS, so we're currently team green. 
    Me: 30 H: 34
    Sep 2015: TTC #1
    June 2016: SA = MFI (<1% morph)
    August 2016: HSG + Bloodwork = all clear
    September 2016: Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    Nov/Dec 2016: IVF (ICSI + FET)
    12/5: Transfer (1 embryo); EDD:8/22/17

  • @CatWaffles My RE said I could quit taking PIO after 10 weeks last time, but I was so nervous, he said go ahead and continue to 12-13 weeks if it makes you feel better! And I did. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and I'll probably do an extra week since I have the meds anyways, but I'm tapering down (from 2ml to 1ml).
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