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Migraines anyone?

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Anyone else suffer from migraines? I have the light sensitivity and I get numb and slurred speech. I used to love diet Coke but this pregnancy I can't stand the thought of drinking it! Excedrine is what I'd usually take but it's not safe to take while pregnant. Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm desperate!

Re: Migraines anyone?

  • With my last pregnancy, my dr called in a pregnancy safe medicine for me when i had a migraine, definitely check with your dr for suggestions. Try posting in the weekly symptoms post as well, some of the other mamas might have suggestions as well! Hope you get some relief soon! 
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  • I get pregnancy migraines and I have taken Fioricet for both of my previous pregnancies. It’s a prescription so I’d talk to your doctor. I can empathize, I find the migraines worse than morning sickness. Hang in there:/
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  • I get headaches often. I feel mine are tension headaches / migraine. I often get auras and can’t see really. I bought a naipo shiatsu neck massager on amazon and surround my head neck and shoulders with ice packs 
    it helps me if you have the time to dedicate laying in bed for a few hours. 
  • I had horrible migraines as a child/teen but they were better for awhile - and no issues with my first pregnancy - but this morning I woke up with the worst one I’ve had in years, and twice the past week I had the aura only but no headache. To my surprise Tylenol 1000mg and some caffeine actually helped somewhat within about half an hour.
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    So I get migraines (with aura) but wasn’t having them when you all originally posted this thread. I have had two migraines with aura in the last five days! They come out of nowhere and I literally can’t see for like 45 minutes. I was trying to text my husband and couldn’t even see what I was doing. My OB suggested last time if I have a migraine to drink some caffeine and of course take Tylenol. My head doesn’t hurt THAT bad (like normal bad headaches) but the aura is awful and I feel nauseous and unsettled. I’m 16 weeks, maybe a new hormone shift? My migraines are definitely hormonal, and used to always happen before my period. 

    Any tips besides caffeine and Tylenol? I used to take Frovatriptan, which was amazing, but it’s a no go during pregnancy apparently. 
  • I had to ween off of topomax which I took twice a day to control migraines and going through the withdraw of that and then pregnancy hormones, my headaches have been terrible at times. My last pregnancy my ob called me in  a prescription Medication for migraines, but at my new job they randomly drug test and you’re not allowed to have any of that in your system due to the nature of the work. Therefore my only other option was Excedrin and an anti-nausea medication. The Excedrin is the version with only Tylenol and caffeine, not the one with aspirin. Sometimes plain extra strength Tylenol, a cup of tea, anti-nausea medication and laying down helps a little too. I’m sorry you’re getting migraines, I hope you feel better soon!
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    @anomasqrl, that was my go-to combo when I had a migraine earlier this year. I was surprised how well - and fast - it worked!

    @kimmy_ash02, I used to get migraines with aura often when I was a teenager and thought I grew out of them, only to have them return a few years ago. One time, my hubs thought I was having a stroke because it came on so quickly and was so bad. So, I was concerned about getting migraines again now that I'm in the second tri, and my nurse midwife recommended one magnesium oxide (400-600 mg), one Benadryl, two Tylenol, and coconut water or Gatorade. That's for acute migraines. I have not had to try that combo yet, but have everything on hand. I've been drinking lots of water since getting pregnant, and she thinks that has helped me avoid them so far.

    For chronic (ugh!), she said magnesium once per day, CoQ10 three times/day, and vitamin B2 daily.

    I hope you get some relief!
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    OB wrote me a prescription for phenergan today for migraines! She said take a half tablet with two extra strength Tylenol and some caffeine at the onset of the migraine. She said it helps with migraines too apparently, aside from it’s regular anti-nausea purpose! 
  • Ditto for CoQ10 and a water and fat-soluble form absorbs better. 
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling your best!
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