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Liana's Baby Sister

We currently have a daughter named Liana June and are having such a hard time with a name for baby sister. We tentatively agreed on Maya Lynn-not that I should care what people think, but I'm hormonal- but my mother made such a stink about the name. She hates it. She says it means "netting" in Spanish (that word is spelt malla, so she's technically incorrect). She's also the caretaker while I'm at work, so it's not like she's hundreds of miles away. She won't let it go and it's giving me major anxiety. 

I'd appreciate other suggestions that sound ok in Spanish. I want to love the name and not feel like I'm settling. Other names we discussed, but didn't love were: Natalie, Nadia, Callie, Emily, Alyssa, Ellie. 

Thank you in advance!  :)

Just call me CC.  :)

Re: Liana's Baby Sister

  • What didn't you love about those other names? Maybe something similar?

  • Your baby = you name her. 
    Exactly why I won't share names with family until baby comes. It's harder to hate a name once it's attached to a baby!
    FWIW, I love the name you chose and if you love it, go with it. You don't want to regret it. 
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    Thank you, @bellebaby221! In hindsight, you're 100% right. I'm definitely kicking myself.

    A big part of the reason I don't love any other name is because I'm stuck on Maya. I'm definitely not going to settle.

    I'm just so upset because I literally started with "We don't want any opinions. We picked the name and we're her parents." I started to tell her that she had plenty of time to get used to it and she cut me off to tell me that I had plenty of time to change it!!!  :'( WTF. I feel like she's trash-talking to family. It's so messed up. 

    Just call me CC.  :)

  • Thank you, @mayoduck! I love Lila, but hubby didn't love it. I'll try again with this spelling (I presented it Lilah).

    I think I don't love the names because I'm stuck on Maya. They're all perfectly nice and our style, it's just not AS nice. I hate feeling like I'm getting bullied into settling.

    Just call me CC.  :)

  • Honestly, she'll probably come around anyway. Like I said, once the name is attached to a beautiful little baby, it takes on an entirely different meaning. Go with what you want!!
  • @CCBrownEyedGirl Ahh, I see! Well, definitely stick with the name you love, then; you're the one who will be saying it most! Maybe if you continue to use Maya when referring to the baby, your mom will slowly get used to it but you may just be looking at facing her disapproval until the baby's name is on her birth certificate.
  • I’d say go with the name you love! It’s your baby, and your family will adjust once they get to know her too. My sister was weird about our first baby’s name, up until he was almost a year old at which point she told me it suited him and she couldn’t imagine it anything else.
  • I don't see anything wrong with the name you picked, it's lovely. And i agree, your baby=your name choice.

    If it makes you feel better my mom hates the boy name we have picked out. We are 200% not changing it, we've had it picked since before we got married. I don't think she was terribly fond of DDs name either but i told her to her face i didn't give a rats ass about her opinion. She's also our primary caretaker.

    Trust me your mom will get over it.
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  • I really like Maya and Mila
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