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Is it normal to miscarriage at 13.6 without doctors finding where the bleeding coming from?

I misscary my baby at 13.6 days, I started bleeding when I was 11 weeks I went to the ER and they told me that the bleeding was a tissue from the baby growing but nothing to worry about the bag where the baby was at it was closed and not bleeding, everything looked fine baby was fine heartbeat and moving. they told me some women’s bleeding during pregnancy and it’s nothing to worry about unless I soak a pad every hour, so they sent me home and told me to follow up with my obgyn, so I did I called them the very next day they gave me an appointment for two days after. My doctor saw once again they said everything was fine so was the baby not to worry about unless I pass clots as big as an orange and soaked a pad in less than an hour.

So two weeks pass by and I was still bleeding but not a lot more like when your period about to end. On October 25 I went to my regular appointment I told them I was still bleeding but not a lot, they tried to do a papsmear they couldn’t do it right end up hurting me since that day I started bleeding more than what I was bleeding before.

A week after on October 31 I came back from trick or treating with my 7 year old and I passed a blood clot It wasnt big but it wasn’t that small either it looked like a liver I started worrying, after that I didn’t passed anything else I had no pain or anything, the next day came I was fine went grocery shopping with my daughter and I cooked I felt good normal but about 11 I passed 2 blood clots I was going to call in the morning for my doctor to see me but about 12am I started to have cramps and they were getting stronger and stronger I end up going to the ER, they send me to the labor and maternity part of the hospital because I was about 14 weeks the doctor there saw me and they said the cramps were from my uterus expanding, the bleeding it was probably a tissue but they didn’t see where the bleeding was coming from.
They did a ultrasound the baby was good heartbeat and all they the baby was moving and growing, they check during the ultrasound to see if I had a bleeding around the placenta or something and nothing, the cervix where the baby was it was close so nothing looked wrong that’s what they said. So they sent me home told me not to worry about it once again it’s normal in some women’s to bleed during pregnancy. After that the whole day I was fine came home and slept pretty all day about 10 or 11 at night I started getting cramps again I tried to relax since they said it was my uterus expanding I was worried but at the same time I was not, I was checking my bleeding and it was the same about 3am I felt like I was bleeding a lot I could feel the blood coming out I checked and I was bleeding more i wipped and I was not bleeding a lot again it was just that once so I went to sat in the couch I about to call my sister in law to take me to the ER and 1 or 2 minutes later I felt the blood coming out again I sat on the bathroom to check and I think a blood clot came out im not sure that part is like a blur, then right after I felt something big was coming out of me and it was the baby I misscaried I was in shook, sad and devastated, I called my sister in law and she my boyfriend at work and they came home, I called the hospital because the baby came out but it was still hanging from the umbilical cord I didn’t know what to do at that moment i never had a miscarriage before it was my second baby.

 I went to the hospital they told me I either pass the placenta natural with some pills to help or to have a D&C or D&E I really don’t remember the name I was still in shook and crying. I told them I was going to try the pills they say if I didn’t pass anything in 4 hours they would have to do the D&C the 4 hours pass by and nothing I end up getting that surgery. They still didn’t find where the bleeding came from they still didn’t tell me anything since I was there a Day before sent me home and told me not to worry. The only thing they said probably from the time I left the hospital I probably started getting an infection and that caused the miscarriage but they not sure. Every time my blood work came out good so I don’t really understand how everything was fine hours before. I’m still wondering what really happens could’ve been my body regecting the pregnancy or what I’m so confused.

It really breaks my heart we were all excited about the baby it was my second one and it was my boyfriend first baby, we were all expecting the baby with so much love. I know some people say i can try for more but it’s not the same. 

Re: Is it normal to miscarriage at 13.6 without doctors finding where the bleeding coming from?

  • I am so sorry for your loss.  It is traumatic to loss a baby so far along.

    Bleeding in pregnancy is actual much more common than people seem to realize. I have been pregnant 4 times, two were losses.  I bled all 4 times and it was never determined why, but the bleeding was never related to my loss.

    was your cervix checked during any of the times you were seen?  Do you know if testing is being done? (I think it is standard when you are so far along) 
  • It really is sometimes I still wonder if there was something I could’ve done different. I’m sorry for your loss as well.

    Yes my cervix was check every time I went to the ER and to my obgyn and they said nothing looked wrong with my cervix that it was fine and normal as far as they could tell. They send the baby and the placenta to pathology after the D&C, when I got discharged from the hospital they told me to call in two weeks to know the results because pathology hadn’t done nothing since it was during a weekend. 

    I was on the mirena iud for 5 years and last year on October it was time to take it off so I did, 9 months later I got pregnant I don’t know if probably That had something to do with the miscarriage but it’s the only thing I could think of since doctors never found the cause of the bleeding. I’m thinking probably my body somehow wasn’t ready for a pregnancy since I was on birth control for years. 
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  • Please don’t blame yourself.  I can’t stress how common bleeding is in pregnancy.  The bleeding may have in no way been a factor.  And the birth control would not have been related, many women get pregnant after and sometimes during birth control use and have healthy pregnancies.  I hope the testing gives you answers, although sometimes there are none.
  • I really don’t blame myself I just feel Like that sometimes and wonder what if. Yes you right I’ve seen that some women’s get out of birth control and right after get pregnant and they have a healthy pregnancy, I’m just trying put it all together and find answers by myself I guess. But hopefully I can get some answers next week but like some people tell me its good not getting any answers too because there’s nothing wrong with me it just happened. 
  • Your story sounds so much like what happened to me yesterday early in the morning. I was 13+5 and started spotting before 7 weeks. I had 3 ultrasounds and all showed the baby growing appropriately. I tried taking it easy. I weaned my todder even though neither of us were really ready. I was willing to do anything to stop the spotting. But it never stopped and got heavier around 13 weeks. I went to the ER at 13+3 after passing a larger clot and they said everything was fine. Two nights later, I went back for painful contractions and heavy bleeding. Baby was moving and had a heartrate of 174 even during this. They tried to send me home but I bled through my pants while we were leaving. I passed more big clots and then the baby in the sac and placenta, just 2 hours after seeing a living, moving baby on ultrasound. And I don't know why.

    I'm feeling so lost and confused. I have two children, and both were born full-term. My two miscarriages (one before each kid) were chemicals. I thought my body knew how to do this thing the third time around. I hope the testing on the baby gives me answers, because right now I feel very betrayed by my body. And we want another baby, but I don't know if I can go through it if I don't get an answer.

    Most of the stories I've read are about miscarriages that happen after finding baby doesn't have a heartbeat anymore. I don't really know what's normal and what's not, but I'm hoping we get some answers from the testing so I can process this and heal. I hope for the same for you.
  • @zsharky my baby also had a heartbeat 8 hours before I miscarried.  That feeling of "wait no. It was fine 8 hours ago" is such an unexplainable feeling. I kept saying to the doctor, no your wrong. Theres no way. The other er doctor reassured me that the baby was fine. I saw it, how is it just gone"... had my first miscarriage (3rd baby) on November 18th.
  • My baby was also my third. The ER doctors didn't believe me. I knew I was having contractions that wouldn't stop and they tried to send me home. I've had two kids. I know what it feels like. I know there was nothing they could do that would stop it, but they didn't believe me until it was all over. It was November 19, so just one day after you. I'm so sorry that you went through the same thing. It is terrible.
  • @zsharky yes it definitely about the same that happen to me, I’m sorry for your loss I totally understand what you are feeling that’s how I feel lost, confused and mix emotions. It is really hard to understand how one minute the doctors tell you the baby is fine and you even see the baby moving and they tell you to really not worried about nothing that’s its fine and in the next few minutes or hours you are losing your baby. When I went to the ER the day before I miscarry my baby I felt like they were contractions as well and thought it could be a miscarriage but they said they weren’t the pain was bad the same pain I had when I had contractions before having my daughter. But since I saw the baby and the heart beat was normal I believed everything was good but I was so wrong. The next day I had the pain again and that time I was sure it was contractions and not what they said because it didn’t felt normal not felt right. Its really heartbreaking trying to understand why things happen the way they did, and to process everything and trying to grief and be fine for my daughter. I hope and pray you get answers to help you heal, unfortunately I didn’t get no answer all they told me it was that it happen and there’s no reason why at all. Pathology check the placenta and everything seem normal they check the baby and it seem normal as well externally. I thought they were going examine the baby deep and try to figure out how it happen how the baby was fine earlier that day and the next one I miscarried so I could get some sort of answer or something but i still have no answer. I hope in your case it’s different and they can tell you what could’ve happened. Im still trying to be fine  and even tough everybody thinks I’m fine and see me “happy” I’m not there’s no day I don’t think about my baby and cry when I’m alone and feel bad because I don’t know what really happen, And I will never see my baby grow. But I hope with time it gets better for me and I hope it gets better for you as well and heal your not alone In this. 
  • @liamsmommy09 I’m sorry for your loss, yes it’s so unexplainable how the doctors tell you yes its fine next minute it’s not the feeling of confusion and heart ache when you know you miscarry your baby and you wish you could just stop and go back in time to stop it from happening. I hope everything gets better for you and you heal with time. You are not alone in this we all here trying to understand how things happen. 
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