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  • @thebabynumberone, I just had mine yesterday at 12w and it was abdominal at MFM. We got great pics! 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • @knottie53ff8e69302ac8df Love it! The thumb sucking is too cute :heart: 

    Side note, check out the pinned thread about changing your username from "knottie" with a bunch of letters and numbers. It will be much easier for us to get to know and tag you :) 
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  • babyvansicklebabyvansickle
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    I thought I had changed it but I guess it didn’t work I’ll try again.
  • 12 w 2d. :) Loved seeing little legs and arms. My 7w4d ultrasound was just a blob and heartbeat. The technician said baby had a cute nose, but we couldn't see it.  Baby has its arm up over its face.
  • 13 wks today-Due date of July 22nd, anyone do Nub theory? 
  • 12w1d NT ultrasound...know it is a boy from the Counsyl Prelude test. HR163 and baby was moving around like crazy, definitely did not like the pressure,lol. Highly uncooperative. Took a while to get the measurements on the neck they needed but all was good. A little blurry and fuzzy because he wouldn’t stop moving for 2 seconds😂
  • 12 weeks and 5 days. Baby kept moving almost looked like hiccups but she said their little nerves are learning to work and so constantly firing off signals. I can’t wait until I feel the flips and kicks (at first) when baby was done with it all, they just turned around and waved then went ‘to sleep’ lol. It was really fun to watch.
  • Ultrasound from January 9, 2019 (just under 12 weeks at that point). Baby sure was active! He/she was bouncing around, waving its arms and legs, and even had the hiccups (according to the tech). Heartbeat was 170!  

  • NT ultrasound on Wednesday. Baby was moving around a lot! Heart rate was 153, and everything looked great. Baby was measuring 13w4d although I was only 13w that we’ll see... 
  • I love seeing our little boy grow 💙
  • Our little one is so camera shy! Was in there bouncing around the first 3 seconds then just laid there the rest of the time! Got this good one though. 13 weeks!

  • cmi1989cmi1989
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    Had to go for an emergency ultrasound last week due to bleeding.. got to see our little babe at 16 weeks! Just under 2 weeks until our anatomy ultrasound.. can't wait!
  • Here’s our little girl at 14 weeks!!! 
  • 12 week ultrasound! I know It’s a girl because OF the NIPT
  • @knottie355e1e5b17b03185 I would crop your ultrasound pics, so it doesn’t show your full name and DOB! If you look at the other pinned posts, there’s one that will show you how to change your an, it helps everyone get to know you better! Congrats on the baby girl! 
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  • @nolemomma14 I feel like people don't notice that their personal medical info is on the edges of these things. LOL. I'm just like... HI MISTY! HEY BRIGETTE! 
  • 16 + 4 ultrasound today 
    Baby was super squirmy but caught a couple pictures including gender!!
    Officially team Blue now!! 

  • We had our anatomy scan today! Everything looked great! Baby was moving all around so hard to get a great picture but we are officially team BLUE! 💙

  • Here’s my littlest boy at 17 weeks :) looks just as his brothers did. 

  • @sarahtram2018 I have my anatomy scan on Tuesday. How long did yours take? I am sure it depends on the dr but I am just trying to get a roundabout idea. Thank you
  • @mom2b77373 it took about a solid 45 minutes. I would block off 45 minutes to an hour. Baby wasn’t in a good position so they had me walk around and use the bathroom to try to get him to move which worked but it added some time. They look at EVERYTHING so it definitely takes time. But it is such a great appointment! 😍 
  • @brake09 it totally does lol!! 

  • 1stbabe7191stbabe719
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    My US tech said it would take about an hour. Scheduled for in a couple weeks. 👍🏼
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