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  • Anyone in the US (Ohio specifically) NOT had an ultrasound or listened to the heartbeat yet? I'm 9+2 and last week was my first appointment. I was a little disappointed because all she did was a pee pregnancy test and a pelvic exam .she said everything looks great and there is no reason to do a ultrasound or listen to the heartbeat yet . My next appointment is Jan 10 and she said I'll get blood work and we will listen to the heartbeat. Does this sound right???
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    @firsttimemommy0719 there was a whole thread about this a while back, check the search function
  • @firsttimemommy0719 that’s very normal. Many doctors only do the 20 week ultrasound with the option of the NT scan at 12 weeks. While it’s possible to find the HB on Doppler before 12 weeks it’s also common to not find it, so 12 weeks is usually the earliest offices will use them to listen to the HB
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  • @quinniebear thank you! I found it!

    @nolemomma14 thank you! I'm a FTM and I'm seeing all these other mommas get scans so early I just didn't understand why I didn't get one! I was pouting I guess lol
  • @firsttimemommy0719 - I'm not sure why different places do it differently. I have Kaiser and was told that they will likely do an US at almost every visit. I had one at my 8-week. I thought that was generous for Kaiser because as an HMO plan, I thought they would be stingier about it. I'm sorry you couldn't get one as it was really neat, I'm an FTM, too! I think it must depend on what tools your OB office has on hand because I've seen several other people on here mention that their OB office doesn't have the US on site? Also, could be an insurance thing, too? 
    On another forum that I am, there seem to be tons of UK mums on that board, and in the UK, they don't even get to go to the doctor until 12 weeks. 
  • @Ashers423 - Congratulations and welcome to the July board! 
  • So excited that i finally had my first doctor visit on Monday. Ultrasound shows me at a week behind where i thought I was so new due date of 7/22. <3  As a FTM, it was AMAZING, to say the least, to see this little tater tot and hear its heartbeat, noce and strong. As long as all is well, I dont go back into town for my next appointment until Ferbuary and I already cant wait to see my little one again.
  • Heres our little peanut at 7 weeks 4 days. Doesn't look like a whole lot at this point, but we were pretty excited to see the little heart beating at a rate of 152!  July 27th is our expected due date! :) 
  • First US on Monday, measurements have me at 10 weeks today. About a week earlier than I thought. Heartbeat was awesome to hear 😊💗. Tech did a 4D as an experiment 😁.  In love with that chubby little face already💕💕. 
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    Week 10 exactly!! So cute! As soon as the doctor found the baby we saw the baby dancing and moving around! Super exciting! Due July 17,2019
  • 12 weeks 4 days!!
  • It’s amazing how clear the ultrasounds get at 12 weeks!
  • 10 weeks and 1 day, so cute! Im in love
  • We got one at 8 weeks. (Currently 11 weeks+4days) I didn't want to wait till later since my past history this year! My boyfriend,  6 year old daughter and me are so excited! 
  • our 3rd pregnancy but 2nd baby, baby measured at 11 weeks and day in this ultrasound,  which was done last Thursday the 20th. We get our 12 week nt ultrasound January 3rd. Even though it's my 2nd I'm still not showing, it's that normal? 
  • I was playing around with the ultrasound at work this morning and my little peanut was moving all around just showing out for mommy ❤️ Currently 12 weeks! Go next Thursday for my official 12 week US.
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    This pic was on Thursday at 13weeks2days. Can’t believe we are almost in our second trimester! She was moving around and bobbing her head. Love seeing her so active
  • 12 weeks 3 days. Amazing! 
  • Great pictures everyone! Congratulations! 

    For people that have done 12+ week scans, are they transabdominal or transvaginal?  

    My 12 week scan is next week and really hoping for a clear picture.

  • @thebabynumberone My 12 week scan was transabdominal. But my 11+1 was transvaginal.
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