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Post Ultrasound Pictures Here

(Taken from June 19)

Show me those grainy little baby pictures! 

When posting your pictures, please be aware of any personal information that might be visible, such as date of birth, full name, name of hospital/OB practice, or SSN.

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Re: Post Ultrasound Pictures Here

  • @BumpAdmin can we get this stickied please? 

  • Thanks for starting this! @BumpAdmin can we pin this please?
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  • @BumpAdmin can you pin this please? 

  • tsa208 Beautiful!! How far along are you?
  • @mamanessen That was this morning, so I'm 6w3d. IVF baby, which is why I have the early ultrasound.
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  • @tsa208 look at that little bean baby! 😍 

    Also yay for a little boy! 

  • tsa208 said:
    @mamanessen That was this morning, so I'm 6w3d. IVF baby, which is why I have the early ultrasound.
    I haven't seen such a crystal clear 1st trimester ultrasound - what a little bean! Congratulations!!
  • From this morning, I thought my EDD was 7/1 but got moved to 7/3. Nice strong heart beat of 143 🥰
  • @mrsjqg1024 and @ylimer congratulations, I can see a head! That's so amazing 
  • leendennyleendenny member
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    had a little spotting this morning. 5w5d and saw gestational sac and yolk sac. Back in a week. 🙏🏼 
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  • Did everyone here have a transvaginal ultrasound to get these pics ? I am 6 weeks 3days pregnant and have a ultrasound booked for today. 
  • @thebabynumberone For me at 7+0 they did transabdominal first, showed me baby and heartbeat and took the picture, then went to transvaginal to do the measurements and showed me baby and heartbeat again. You're in Canada too right? I'm in Ontario and it is standard practice now at most places to do both. They normally do transabdominal first and then do transvaginal. They won't always be able to see something until they do transvaginal so don't worry if they don't show you anything until the transvaginal. This early the transabdominal part is mostly to situate everything inside and transvaginal is to really look at baby. Good luck today:)
  • @Panaceia yes I am in Ontario, okay great. I was a bit anxious that we are doing it too early and it's my first baby.  >.< And my husband was concerned about the transvaginal ultrasound having an impact on the baby. Ugh too much anxiety. Appointment is at 1.35pm EST.
  • @thebabynumberone My SO was super concerned about the transvaginal and once we saw the heartbeat he actually asked them if they had to do which point they explained to him that it is totally safe and it doesn't go past the cervix so no possibility of harm. I told him I was doing it. I wanted proper measurements and they would never do anything to put baby in danger. Just reassure your H ahead of time that it's totally safe and standard practice and that they will for sure be doing one...just so he is prepared:) The transvaginal can be mildly uncomfortable when they're moving it around but it doesn't hurt and it allows them to get really good pictures and measurements. Update after your appointment if you can. I'd love to hear how it goes:)
  • @thebabynumberone So thrilled for you!!!! Congratulations:)
  • @lewofford congrats on twins!! :) 
  • @lewofford welcome and congrats on your twins! post a little bit about yourself in the pinned intro thread and join in on your weekly checkin so we can get to know you :) 
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