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Can't be seen by doctor due to collections balance?

I've found myself in a sticky situation. I went to the ER last month because I had a positive pregnancy test but was bleeding on and off. When I was bleeding, it was period-like, not spotting. My blood test there revealed my HCG levels were undetectable, less than 1, so was told I was Not pregnant. This month, my period is MIA and I have taken another hpt that was immediately positive. As if that isnt confusing enough, I have been dismissed from my obgyn's practice due to owing money from my last 2 pregnancies. I am working on paying the amount off with a collections agency but cannot be seen until then. I called another office who is not accepting new patients but if I were not pregnant I could see a nurse practitioner. I am going to a walk in today, as advised by the doctors office, to confirm my pregnancy. My problem is, Im very worried about the bleeding that occurred last month. I knew it was very unlike any other period I had. This is my third, and i just knew the day my period eas late I would have a positive test. It began as very light pink spotting which I chalked up to be implantation bleeding. Later when going to the bathroom, I wiped totally clean. Then, the next time there was a good amount of blood, like I would expect on my first day of me period. Next bathroom trip I would wipe totally clean, this continued for 2 or 3 days until the bleeding just stopped, and on the second day I was told I wasnt pregnant. I had recently started a new job so thought maybe it was stress  has anyone experienced this type of bleeding at the beginning of your pregnancy? Does anyone have advise on hiw to recieve medical attention asap while I pay off my debt and hopefully get into see my doctor by my second trimrster?
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