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2nd Trimester

Fur baby adjustment?

Hi moms to be!  I haven't seen this thread started yet, but I am a first time mom in my second trimester and just started having some anxiety about what life will be like for our dogter once baby arrives!  I volunteer at a breed specific rescue group and we get TONS of requests to take in family dogs once new babies arrive, or when new babies grow into toddlers. How have your fur babies adjusted to life with a new baby?  Any tips for that first introduction or things we can do beforehand?  I am savoring our long walks together now because I know life will be different in a few months.  We are committed to our dog and will do whatever it takes to make sure she, as well as the new baby, is well adjusted and happy.  Thanks! 

Re: Fur baby adjustment?

  • My best advice for otherwise docile and well trained dogs is to practice not walking around them. If they are in your way, make a mental note to walk through them so that they get used to getting out of your way instead of the other way around. When you are sleep deprived and carrying a baby you don't want to worry about tripping over the dog. And later on when baby is crawling/walking they'll be better prepared with the mentality of "if I don't want that near me I need to move".

    I also recommend keeping a safe space where they can retreat to if/when baby gets to be too much. Especially when baby gets older and more mobile having a quiet place where the dog can go when they just don't want to be touched and keeping that space safe from baby will hopefully relieve any aggressive tendencies and situations. They can just remove themselves from the situation if they get annoyed.
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  • Practice walks with your stroller!  It's an odd adjustment for some dogs with an extra piece their walks and they will need to learn not to walk in front or get hit!
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  • I love the ideas the PP's suggested!

    Its is aweful when people get rid of fur babies because they have kids.  Sorry, but a fur baby is a life commitment, you wouldnt dispose of your child like that! 

  • Definitely make sure there’s a safe quiet space for them to retreat to. If there are any behavior issues, this is a good time to try to resolve those.
    Our dog isn’t a huge fan of the baby or toddler, but she tolerates a ton of crap form them as long as she knows no one will bother her in her crate. 
  • I’ve been reading up on this too since we have 2 dogs. It’s suggested that if your dogs are used to laying on you or next to you that you should just of adjust them so they aren’t so close to you. This way when the baby arrives and your sitting on the couch or feeding they are used to you having your own space. It also suggested to have a baby gate for the babies room so the dogs learn that room is off limits to them. As for introducing, its suggested that after the baby is born (before you and baby get home) that dad should take a blanket or onesie the baby has used home to have the dogs smell it, just to introduce the new smell. When you and baby come home, sit on the couch with baby and have the dog below you and again let them smell the baby. My brother and sister in law did it like this and it went really well with their dog. Hope this information helps. 
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