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1st Pregnancy 1st Miscarriage

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Hi everyone, 
I have just gone through my first pregnancy /miscarriage. It was far worse than I expected physically even though I was very far along and mentally had no idea the emotions that come with it.  
My question is how long did it take for others hormones to settle down. I was 9 weeks when I had my MC. I recovered pretty well with bleeding and pain but 
I also lost over 2 litres of blood/ 4 units,  I feel exhausted and no energy, constant headache. Wanting to know if anyone unfortunately has any info or advice on how long it will take for me to feel at least a little normal again 😑

Re: 1st Pregnancy 1st Miscarriage

  • I’m I’m so sorry for your loss.  Everyone is different in their recovery.  With my first MC, I was 10 weeks and it took a couple of months for me to feel somewhat normal again and probably a little longer for body to return to normal.  However my cycle never returned to what it was pre MC but it did become a new “normal”. With my 2nd and 3rd loss it didn’t take nearly as long.  Not sure if it was Because I had gone through it once before or if it was bc I was only 7 & 8 weeks along but measured 5 & 6 weeks.  Again sorry for your loss. I hope this helps and you return to normal soon 
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Like above said, it will be different for everyone. With my first loss it was about 5 weeks before my body went back to normal. The other 4 losses varied as well, some being a regular cycle, others being close to 3 months. I’m sorry you find yourself here. Wishing you the best. 
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  • I would say I need more information to give an accurate answer, especially with that kind of blood loss. How did they/you measure the blood quantity? Allowing for slight variable for age, sex, increased blood volume in pregnancy (at that point in pregnancy, it wouldn't be much increase), 2 liters is a class III hemmorhage, and you shouldn't be out of the hospital, much less walking around.

    The reason this is important in terms of the question "when will I feel better," from personal experience with pregnancy-related blood loss (15 losses for me, including a few ectopics with blood loss), when that loss is significant, it will depend on how your body replenishes the blood volume.

    If possible, have your doctor do a CBC and check your hemoglobin. If it up that count is lower than 10, ask about iron infusions. I can honestly say as someone who has had that count as low as 7.2, there is no way to viably function that way.
  • Thank you so for your responses, I guess everyone and every time is different. I'm so sorry for your losses.  I have started to feel better after feeling worse for a few days.  Getting my blood results back this week so hopefully I am on the improve.  I really appreciate the responses and these forums,  they have definitely helped me work through this 💜

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