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Anyone not gotten their flu shot yet this season?

I live in a warm climate and work from home, so I kind of forgot that flu season is already here and that people are already getting sick from it. Now that I've remembered, I plan to get one tomorrow at a pharmacy, but wondering if anyone else has put theirs off and is planning to get vaccinated in the first trimester. I'm only 5 weeks along, but my OB's office recommends it, and I plan to get the preservative-free one. Still kicking myself a little for not getting it sooner / before I conceived, though.

Re: Anyone not gotten their flu shot yet this season?

  • I've never gotten a flu shot. I know its recommended but my ob hasnt suggested it to me yet. I plan to ask about it on my next appointment (I'm 13wks) 
  • I haven't yet but want to soon. I'm almost 6 weeks. 
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  • I always feel like I get sick after the shot, but only after the shot. The years I didn’t get it, I didn’t get sick. I’m a little weary when it’s the only free shot offered. 

  • My regular dr was pressuring me about it but I've never gotten the flu or the flu shot.  I've always kinda been anti flu shots for myself... only because it seemed like the vaccine each year didn't protect against that year's flu strain... 
    But idk, maybe I should get it anyways?
  • Exactly where I’m at. Was going to get one in October... then when I went to pharmacy for one they told me my insurance required I get it at Dr office. When I called my Dr I said “I’m pregnant & wanting a flu shot.” 😁 going in Tuesday morning. 
  • I did get it earlier... but I wasn't pregnant yet. My kids and I have been getting it yearly since my kids started preschool.

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  • Never have, never will
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