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Middle name suggestions

My 3rd boy is due late November and I need a middle name. We decided on the name Luca but I’m finding it hard to find a middle name. These are the middle names that I think go with it but I’m not sure. 

Luca Alessio 

Luca Elias 

Luka Mikael 

Luca Alessandro 

Luca Augustin 

Luca Vida

Luca Thiago 

Re: Middle name suggestions

  • Love Luca Elias
  • I like the short Luca with a longer sounding middle name. I like Alessandro, Thiago, Augustin, and Allesio. I assume that you are from a location where these are more commonly used names (Italy I would guess?) but Allessandro is my favorite.
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  • Luca Thiago and Luca Elias are my favorites. 
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