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  • @smmatt08 We’ve had them in for about 1.5 months. No ear infections since, so I’m knocking on wood over here!

    @foodislove oooh, the Rocky Mountains! I bet it is going to be so beautiful! Have so much fun!! We *may* also have a few of the vintage-y NP posters in DS’s room. We are big on the outdoors. Do you have one of the true child hiking backpacks? We are thinking about getting one soon. I’m still able to carry him in my Ergo, but he’s almost 22 lbs so it’s getting a bit more difficult. I think the carrier hiking backpack should help disperse his weight a bit more.

    @daisy0322 I’m sorry about losing the house - what a disappointment! I hope you can find another one that’s even better soon! Also, I’m sorry that you had such a tough pregnancy. I certainly hope you have a super easy breezy second one!

    @projectalice I am so incredibly sorry to see you here again. I hope you have taken some time for yourself to process all that you have been through. ❤️

    DS: 05.2017

    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • @lillywonderland thank you! We're back to house shopping and I'm trying to be hopeful! There's less than a 10% change of another abruption and other than that I had a pretty textbook pregnancy so I'm trying to focus on the 90%.... we really want 3 or 4 kids and I know my son was worth it and the other ones will be too!
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  • @nolemomma14 thank you! Me too :) I think at the very least I'll be able to deal better next time. 
  • Had my preconception appointment and everything when great! She doesn't expect me to have any complications next pregnancy and everything seems healthy! I was disappointed to find out she isn't a huge fan of VBACs though. She didn't say no she just said she would want to wait to talk about it later. 
  • What number are you trying for? #2

    Cycle/Month? 1/1 of trying  NTNP for 4 cycles


    Ages of other child(ren)? 21 months

    Any thoughts about this cycle? We are likely going to officially start trying this month, or just continue to NTNP.  

    Any questions? None right now

    Rant/Rave/Brag:  We scheduled a trip in January for just DH and me as a kind of "2nd baby, babymoon" or something but now I'm regretting it.  I don't really want to leave my toddler for 5 days straight. And I didn't think we would officially start trying before we go. If we do get pregnant I probably really won't want to go. I was so excited for it but now I feel like it was a huge mistake. I just keep telling my self we need some alone time to focus on our relationship.

    GTKY: How did you choose your LOs name(s)? Were they named after a family member or important person in your life? Just liked the name?  It was a name we loved for years and once we found out we were having a girl we couldn't get it out of our minds.  We tried to pick a different name but nope it always stuck. 

    Me 32 <3 H 33
    TTC#1 January 2016  BFP 5/16/2016  DD Born 1/27/17

    TFAS: BFP 11/26/2018 Estimated due date: 8/2/2019

  • @daisy0322 I'm sorry about your experience with your doctor on VBACs. Some doctors were never trained and because of pressure from hospitals and insurance, they do not want to deal with the risk. You might check to see if your hospital allows for trial of labor after CS and what their rules are around that. I'm in the same boat as you and have been doing a lot shopping around with who and where I want my next birth to be with. 
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  • Hi All! Happy Halloween. I introduced myself in the intro thread, hoping it’s on if I chime in. I don’t  know about you guys but I failed in the Halloween department this year. DS wore a skeleton shirt that grandma bought him and I called it a day.

    We’re trying for #2
    Have a 15 month old
    rant- have to stay up tonight and finish a presentation. Booo, wish I could go to bed.
    name- came across DS name in a book and fell in love

    @daisy023glad things went well

    agreed with others @whatsbumpinpumpkin, HFM not particularly worrisome for defects in the fetus, you should be fine 
  • @moon1417 I could see being nervous to leave her but I'm sure it would also be a nice break before  baby 2. Where are you headed? 

    @marebear15 I LOVE my ob and ultimately she did say it's my choice. She admitted to being conservative and after almost losing me and my son the first time she's probably being overly cautious. I'm going to do some research and maybe hire a dula to talk about it more. I think like she said though it'd be best to wait and see how I feel about it once the time comes. I'm pretty nervous about it too honestly. 
  • @bostonlady-2 welcome! I bought DS a pair of skeleton pjs that acted as his costume and plus he wore them to bed tonight! 
  • @montee1917 dude.... mom win on that costume choice! 
  • I'm 2DPO and I'm trying *really* hard not to think about the fact that I'm not feeling implantation pains.

    **TW** I had it with both previous pregnancies around 2PO, my successful as well as my CP two months ago. I'm really sensitive to pain down there, I mean, my ovulation cramps just about killed me Tuesday (we did it anyway, take that lady parts!). And I know I'm gonna feel like I'm already out if I don't feel anything by end of the day.
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    BFP ♡ Sept 2018 - CP @ 5 weeks
    BFP ♡ Nov 2018 - Baby R due Jul 2019

  • @foodislove Implantation occurs at 6-12dpo but it's possible to continue to have cramping as your fallopian tubes move the egg down. 
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  • mamanbebe said:
    @foodislove Implantation occurs at 6-12dpo but it's possible to continue to have cramping as your fallopian tubes move the egg down. 
    Really? You just made my day. I'd been told it was 2-6DPO when I was TTC first kiddo, so thank goodness! Probably is what you said, in which case... so glad I'm not feeling pain right now, jeez. O cramps are bad enough as is. You have relieved me of my (current) anxiety. <3
    BFP ♡ Jan 2016 - M born Oct 2016
    PPD for 1yr+ post-pregnancy
    BFP ♡ Sept 2018 - CP @ 5 weeks
    BFP ♡ Nov 2018 - Baby R due Jul 2019

  • @foodislove I am glad that I could be of help and that you're feeling a little relief :) And I agree, O cramps can be so painful! It's nice to know when exactly it happens but sometimes they can really put you out of commission. 
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  • @daisy0322 I think so too - we are heading to Mexico, Excellence Riviera  to the same place we honeymooned!  

    Me 32 <3 H 33
    TTC#1 January 2016  BFP 5/16/2016  DD Born 1/27/17

    TFAS: BFP 11/26/2018 Estimated due date: 8/2/2019

  • @moon1417 that sounds AMAZING!
  • @daisy0322 I almost died in childbirth too. Solidarity momma. No placental abruption but a few other "worst case" things 

  • @whatsbumpinpumpkin it's scary trying again but my doc keeps telling me it's very unlikely that'll I'll have serious issues again! Just found out my husband is going on a hunting trip during my next fertile window though.... so I'm pretty much benched next month. This month does look great either I think me being sick made me o late and he's gone with the army now ... ugh
  • @daisy0322 we figured out my issues were from undiagnosed lupus. So I likely will have issues again, but since they know about them they can treat before they get to that severity. Very scary to try again, these kids are lucky they are cute. Given my diagnosis it's a now or never since I might be sicker later... just hoping the "mitigate the issues" is doctor speak for *tw "yeah, you tots won't code on the table this time. It's cool." Lol

  • @whatsbumpinpumpkin and @daisy0322 I am in awe of anyone that has a traumatizing birth summoning up the strength to do it again. I worked in the NICU for my first two pregnancies and that alone fueled intense fear and panic. Living through a trauma has to be really difficult and I really hope that the next time is completely different. 
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