Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

My angel baby

    I found out I was pregnant with my first child in September. I was 7 weeks pregnant when I had my miscarriage. I never knew how strong of a bond a mother shares with her baby until I had my opportunity. Even if it was just for a short amount of time like it was for me, I loved my baby everyday I got the chance to carry and care for them . I felt so happy knowing my baby would be growing inside of me and that it was my job to protect them. It brought me joy knowing that one day I would see her or his face.
   My boyfriend and I had already picked out names and were already thinking about the baby shower because we were both so excited. When I'm ready to try again in the future i know that I'll be more prepared. I know that one day I'll get to see my baby and that I'll keep looking forward to the future and what there is to come.

Re: My angel baby

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