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Post TWW but prior to first US fitness

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Anyone resume exercising after their TWW after FET? I haven’t gotten any instructions from my RE (still waiting on a response from my clinic while slowly going crazy). My RE at some point told me to keep it low impact, and then said to just take it easy... no idea what that means as my job is pretty physically demanding (which RE knows) :smile: Not planning on starting anything without formal recs, but just wondering if anyone is doing/did anything beyond walking.
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Re: Post TWW but prior to first US fitness

  • I did not, but I was on light activity due to spotting. I think anything not too strenuous that you did before pregnancy should be fine, but your RE seems to be giving mixed signals. I wouldn't be lifting or moving heavy objects, but a low impact sport (one that doesn't cause any stress on knees/joints/etc) like swimming or yoga should be okay. 

    And walking isn't perfectly safe either heh. I was about 9 weeks when Hurricane Irma hit our area and went walking around the neighborhood to survey damage and slipped on some wet leaves. Hit the ground with a bang! Ouch. I was freaked out but the nurse said not to worry! 
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  • I did some running in my tww just because I was used to running about 8-10 miles a week pre-transfer. I stopped doing HIITs after transfer though. I stopped running at about 7-8 weeks and switched to elliptical. My RE told me to listen to my body and stop if I get out of breath or start cramping. You can also find YouTube videos with prenatal exercises and yoga. But don't do anything without your RE's approval!  I think the rule is that you can do what you are used to doing or lighter, but don't start anything new.
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  • My RE told me that I can continue to exercise as usual, just don’t start anything new or strenuous. Like if you weren’t running a marathon before, don’t start. The only form of exercise I got before transfer was walking so I continued walking. At 16 weeks I started prenatal Pilates and continued into 36 weeks. 
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  • @mbradfo2 @DecemberDoll27 @cashewchicken thank you, ladies! it's nice to hear all of you were active to varying degrees with successful pregnancies; I appreciate advice so much! I got the ok to use the elliptical, will continue to hope for a nice swim in the future :smile:

    2012 married, me 34, DH 35
    2015 TTC TI, OPKs
    2017 dx MFI, endo
    2017, 2018 clomid IUIs BFN
    2018 IVF #1, FET #1

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