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  • @kbrown2385 - Sounds like you have most of the basics down, now it's just tweaking to figure out what works best for your hair. Are you leaving in a little of your conditioner? Try leaving in more, or less. Are you applying products after tshirt drying or soaking wet? Try the opposite. Have you done a moisture treatment in awhile?  Your hair looks pretty thick, so I'd say your probably not using enough product. It is truly hard to use too much, so until you get a cast that flakes, you should be good.
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  • I am loving all of these stories. 
    AFM I am a pretty pale person but I decided I want jet black hair because why not. I looked like Wednesday Addams. Or it could be when I was 13 and had shortish hair talking mid ear bowl cut with bangs and my SIL decided it would be fun to give my hair a tight perm. The poodle look took way to long to go away. 
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