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2nd early miscarriage - what questions to ask my dr

This has felt like a long journey. TTC for 2 years. Started seeing a RE last Nov. Got pregnant in Jan of this year for the first time with an iui. It was heterotopic. I miscarried the one in my uterus at almost 6 weeks and the other was ectopic. I had to have surgery and my right tube was removed.

We've been trying with just timed intercourse since then and I started acupuncture in May. We saw that my uterine lining wasn't thickening enough and I can no longer take Clomid. Acupuncture helped. Things had been feeling more hopeful.

Last week I took a beta at 12 dpo and it came back at 8. 48 hrs later it was 28. Another 48 hrs later and I had some cramping and light spotting with 2 little blood clots (dark brown). That beta came back at only 31. Saw my RE the next day took another beta and did u/s. U/s showed that the uterus looked thick, no fluids or bleeding, and no masses. Still too early to see a sac. The beta from that day came back at 37. Today, 48 hrs later, beta is at 20. We are heartbroken and have no idea why I keep miscarrying so early (today makes it 4 weeks 6 days). I haven't started bleeding yet but I'm sure it's inevitable. 

I need some advice on what questions to ask my Dr. I know that most people never find out why their mc happens but are there some things I should be looking at?

I'm 36. 37 in December. Had hyperthyroidisn in my 20's. Went into remission about 8 or 9 yrs ago. Recently in the last year, it's switched over to hypothyroidism. I'm on medication and it's being monitored. Other than that, I'm healthy. We've done some genetic testing and neither of us have anything we really need to worry about. I do have low ovarian reserves but my egg quality is good. 

It's heartbreaking to lose again and I have no idea how I'll be if it happens a 3rd time. We just can't even get to the stage of hearing a heartbeat. If anyone has any advice or knows of any good questions I should keep in mind when I go in to my next appointment, I'd really appreciate it.

Re: 2nd early miscarriage - what questions to ask my dr

  • Sorry for your losses. I'm guessing you've worked with an RE, since you had an IUI. You should consider an RPL panel of tests now that you've had 2 MC in a row with no living children. Unfortunately, you are correct that 50-75% of RPL goes unexplained. It's truly awful to lose baby after baby with no medical explanation as to why. Make sure your RE runs a test for ureaplasma as well as progesterone as part of your RPL panel. Also, see if the hypothyroidism could be causing problems as well? (I don't know enough about that issue to comment). 
    Please remember that supposedly 60-70% of those of us with unexplained RPL go on to have a baby with little or no intervention. Unfortunately, there's still a large number of us that will never have a living biological child, but there's still a good chance you will. 
    Good luck.
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  • Thank you. I just didn't even know where to start. Worst part about this is feeling so alone and helpless.
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  • vivy370 Being an RPL sufferer is very isolating, especially if you end up falling into the category of 'unexplained RPL.' Even people who've had one MC or 2 MC, but have had living children can't understand what it's like to lose baby after baby with no explanations and no answers. I'm sorry you're feeling alone. It can be hard falling into that small part of the statistics... Please join us on the TTCAL board: https://forums.thebump.com/categories/ttc-after-a-loss
    Or on the TTCAL forum on TTGP: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12735285/ttcal-week-of-10-8
    There are others there who can understand and help you on your journey so you don't feel so alone!  Just introduce yourself.
  • Thank you! ♥️♥️♥️
  • Oh no. Sorry for your loss sister. .. am mercy i pray it goes well next well...
  • I would add that you should get tested for autoimmune and clotting disorders. With a beta quant that low, often it's an implantation issue, and anything that could be causing clotting issues can mess with that.
  • Hi all. 

    @vivy370 so sorry you are going through this. I am having my 2nd MC also. First was at 5wks, this one was at 8. It’s extremely devastating no matter what stage. I don’t have advice on questions to ask, but just wanted to offer comfort to a fellow lady who’s struggling. (And also read suggestions from others). Sending love! ❤️

    I do have hypothyroidism and takinfd levothyroxine and also a blood blood clotting disorder so they have me on lovenox.

    what is RPL? Sorry for my not knowing.
  • rozpre Sorry for your losses. RPL is recurrent pregnancy loss.
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