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Suggestions for Baby Girl #3

We are expecting baby girl #3 in January and have been set on the name Ada James since we found out we were expecting, but now I kind of like Reese James. Does the second option sound too masculine? which do you like better? 

Background: We like Southern-sounding, double names. Both of our other girls have a masculine aspect to their names and are named after family. James is non-negotiable as the middle name. 

Suggestions for Baby Girl #3 77 votes

Ada James
92% 71 votes
Reese James
7% 6 votes

Re: Suggestions for Baby Girl #3

  • Reese is cute on a girl with a feminine middle name but I definitely wouldn’t put it with James so I voted Ada 
  • Ada James is fine, I look forward to your son Edward Claire.
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  • Ada James is fine, I look forward to your son Edward Claire.

    I think that’s a little uncalled for. We choose to honor family members that have passed away when naming our children. The men that we have chosen to represent are very special to us. And should we have ever had a boy his MN would have been unisex as well after his dad. 
  • I knew a woman named Ada who was near and dear to my heart, so I am biased toward that choice. BUT also, I think Reese James sounds a little choppy (two 1 syllable names together) especially if you are planning to use it as a double name. 

    Ada James is wonderful. 
  • I agree that Reese James doesn't have as nice of a flow as Ada James. Ada James is lovely.
  • I mean everyone is using James for a girls middle name so trendy is the first thought not that it’s a family name. Reese James is all penis. Ada is underused and great 

  • Ada James flows better in my opinion. Reese James as a combination sounds a lot more masculine than unisex to me, but I would say to still use it if you love it!
  • I'd go with Ada if James is non-negotiable.

  • I had to vote for Ada here although it is not my fav name (actually, I like Reese a lot more) but I really think with mn James, you need at least a 2 syllable fn. 
  • Ada James has a timeless, old Hollywood ring to it to me. Reese James does not feel as put-together.
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  • Thomas Rhett and his wife named their daughter Ada James.
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  • Funny story @melissamay82, literally the day before they had her and announced her name I told MH that if we had another girl one day that is what I wanted to name her. We are very into country music and I think that is some of my hesitation with using the name. People might think we copied them. 
  • @achays11 If you're concerned about seeming to have copied the country singer, what about similar names to Ada like Edna, Ida or Ina?

    Otherwise, middle names come up so infrequently that others may not have that much opportunity to think you copied. If asked you can always say her middle name is "It's James after her grandfather/uncle/family member" so you squish that thought before they can think it.

    Personally, I am reminded of Lily James, which is her stage name, and she chose James to honor her father's memory.
  • Thank you @mayoduck, great suggestions. We actually use MN’s quite frequently with our kids. 
  • Ada James by far! Reese James is pure masciline.......sounds like you wished you had a boy.  
  • I think Ada and Reese are both nice names, but since you're set on having a more masculine middle name, I would go with Ada. 
  • I prefer Ada James and I myself have considered using the name Ada but I’m afraid she’d be called Ava since that name is so popular. DD#1 has a name that’s one letter different than a very popular name as it is lol

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