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    Target brand diapers! Size 3 is $4.99 for 104 for some reason. I ordered and I’m hoping they don’t cancel!
  • @swanbrooner interesting. It says it cannot be shipped to my zip code, but I'll try to go to the closest store during DS1's nap time and hopefully they'll price-match even if they might have them more expensive in store. 
  • Just got a baby breeza formula maker at Target on clearance $80 normally $180. They had a lot of thing on clearance so check with your store.
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  • My Target order shipped! Thank you,
    diaper deal gods!
  • Motherhood Maternity is up to 75% off and 40% off the sale and clearance prices,  just FYI for anyone looking! also bras are buy 3 get 1 free...
  • I really need some new bras, but don’t want to buy now when I might need a different size later. I think I’ll let my old ones limp through until delivery and after my milk regulates a bit.
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  • Pink Blush is 20% off. Although, personally, I'd probably wait until after the weekend. Once or twice, I've seen them do a 20% sale and then a 30% right after it ends. And maybe a 40% too? I'm not sure about that though 
  • I scored a lot of baby clothes today at Target they were in the regular baby department and there wasn’t a sign that said clearance next to them but they were all yellow tagged. I got pants, onesies, sleepers, swaddle blankets, etc. all between $2-$5. 
  • @ashley14598 I got some too! My Target was pretty picked over but got a few sets of onsies and pants. 
  • @purpleteacher82 yay! I’m glad you found some too! 

    I also wanted to add that they had Graco4ever car seats 50% off marked down from $300 to $149.99 and they also had some stroller/car seat travel systems, baby carriers, swings, etc. I didn’t price check everything if you are looking it might be worth stopping by or you might even find some online. 
  • Gap is having a great sale right now. I bought a ton of stuff online. 
  • gowencgowenc
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    Not sure if this is something that's happening all over, but a lot of the Motherhood maternity stores have closed in my area over the last year - three that I know of. The one that's left is closing at the end of January, I was just in there to exchange a sweater (and got a different sweater and three shirts for my one sweater) and they told me that there will be deeper discounts toward the end of the month. They had some cute nursing tops so I'm going to go back next weekend and see if I can pick up some good deals.
  • I know meijer isn’t nationwide but if you have one in your area my mom found a bunch of mark downs yesterday in their baby department rattles, teethers, bottles, Boppy covers, some clothes, etc. might be worth checking out I know some of it for $1-4.
  • If you need anything from IKEA, they have a coupon to print for $25 off a $150 purchase, only for January 19-20 (side note: I love their kids stuff, they have adorable toys and DS likes their book The Night Train)
  • Just discovered yesterday that Target’s baby welcome bag is available even if you’re not registered there! I was heading out yesterday and an employee stopped me to ask if I’d gotten my baby bag, walked me to customer service and got me one! Had a bottle, a few diaper samples, a little zipped diaper holder and some lotion samples and coupons.
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  • @lelkcot that might depend on the store/ who works the customer service desk. I’ve been asked to login and pull up my registry on my phone to get mine.
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  • @meggyme maybe I just got lucky yesterday? I even told the employee who stopped me that I wasn’t registered.
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  • @lelkcot I had something similar happen this week. I just walked up to the desk and asked to pick up my bag and they handed it to me. I asked them if they needed to verify my registry or something and they said no! With the Dr Browns bottle in it I think people would be tempted to start collecting bags!!!

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  • I actually did get 2 from different stores nearby, just for the Dr. Brown bottle and the Starbucks coupon :blush: Then I went to check a 3rd store when I was in the region, but they said they were out of bags. None needed proof of the registry, even if I had it open on my phone ready to show.

  • @mihaelams1 yes, was super excited about that Starbucks coupon!!
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  • Starbucks coupon!? I’m going to target today...
  • @chocolatelemons the Target baby bag coupon book includes a 50% one drink coupon for any in Target Starbucks! 😝☕️
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  • If anyone likes the Seamless Maternity / Nursing bras from Motherhood, I found the exact same one's on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. Motherhood = $25 for 1, Amazon $34 for 5. http://https//
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  • Pea in a pod/ Motherhood is having a nursing bra sale
  • Hanna Andersson is on Zulily today.
  • For those of you with your completion coupons already. Mine doesn’t come until next week, of course...
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  • Seems to be only for diapers, wipes, formula or baby food :disappointed: 
  • Hanna Andersson’s Clearance is up to 75% off.
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  • I’m mad because I just thought to check my coupons in the welcome bag from Target registry and all the coupons expired in October. I wasn’t even thinking about stocking things yet. I wonder if I go up there will they give me a new coupon book? 
  • @zionsmama85 definitely worth going in and asking!
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  • I’m mad because I just thought to check my coupons in the welcome bag from Target registry and all the coupons expired in October. I wasn’t even thinking about stocking things yet. I wonder if I go up there will they give me a new coupon book? 
    When did you get the bag? I just picked up mine last week, and the coupons don't expire until the beginning of May. Maybe you just got an old bag? I'd hope they'd replace it! There actually were some really good coupons in mine. Their nursing bras are already super cheap, and I got a 40% off two coupon for all their nursing brands!
  • @lelkcot @lovesclimbing it was probably around August/September. I’m gonna see what they say. Definitely worth an ask! Hopefully they work with me. I would hate to cry on them  :D
  • @zionsmama85 just go and ask for a new bag! I got a bag and I don’t even have a target registry! :D

  • @zionsmama85 definitely worth asking! I got mine around the same time as you did and my coupons expire in May. I just don't really need anything from there (apart from Starbucks, which I used looooong ago). Worst case, if they don't replace it, I can send you mine :smile:
  • Target is having a sale on baby stuff. Carseats, strollers and other stuff included.
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  • Decided to look at Michael's website on a whim for small DIY project items I can use to give the nursery more of a rainforest feel and turns out they are currently having a sale of 40% off all regular price items in your online or online-to-pick-up order.
  • For anyone who shops at Fred Meyer/Kroger. 

    They have digital coupons (you have to have a rewards card and go online to put them on your card, then they automatically apply at checkout) of $1 off a regular pack of Comforts (their store brand) diapers or $2 off a pack of the larger value size. They also have various coupons for Always, Kotex, and Stayfree products. I went ahead and got a pack of size 1 diapers (women in my family make big babies!) and the rest of what I need for pads (I still have some left over). They have some in-store sales as well on some of the incontinence/menstrual products. 

    No idea if it's the best deal I've ever seen there, but it is something of a savings. 

    (Wow, I love me some parentheses, don't I?) 
  • An ad popped up in my feed for the Honest Company diaper subscription. Buy a one month diaper and wipe bundle and get the next month free with code doubleup. 

    I was considering it just to get some because we do use disposables occasionally, but the shipping! Oh my word!!!! If you want to ship to Alaska, you have to pay HALF AGAIN AS MUCH! The bundles cost $80, and shipping is $40.  :o :o :o :o
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