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Ultrasound 5 weeks 6 days

Is this what my ultrasound supposed to look like at 5 weeks 6 days is the baby doing ok?

Re: Ultrasound 5 weeks 6 days

  • It looks like a baby! Congrats!!
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  • Well doc say they can see the heart beat but it's too small to rate it they have me on progesterone
  • So I'm worried I hope this bean will stay
  • I get that it must be stressful. But we really can’t tell you anything about your ultrasound. For all I know, it could be kittens.


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  • @knottie... Mine from about 5.5 weeks looked basically the same and was told the same thing about the heartbeat. They were not at all concerned. I hope that makes you feel a little better.
  • I would like to remind you that it against TOU to ask the board to make clinical judgements.  We are not your doctor.  

    With that said,  i think you're having an alien baby.  

  • Ouch those are cruel comments I'm new to this app and I am worried because I had a chemical pregnancy in April of this year I know you can't see much it's too small but they had me do a ultrasound early because of the risk of miscarrying again. Please don't judge badly on someone if you don't know their story.
    ..i have two living children and one miscarrage
  • Well if you ARE serious in asking your question.. why are you asking the internet? Contact your provider.  

  • Because I am on progesterone and my doctor can't hear a fetal heart beat yet they see it but can't hear it and they are having me go back in Tuesday next week even they are not sure so I was asking for opinions about what other moms went through at the same amount of weeks to help me be less worried ...if I remember correctly I wasn't trying to ask for a clinical judgement I was asking if any one else had issues like this around 5 weeks.
  • Is this what my ultrasound supposed to look like at 5 weeks 6 days is the baby doing ok?
    You asked us whether the baby’s okay. We’re not qualified to give you a medical opinion.
  • I know it's small I know it's hard to tell but I've read that progesterone can mask a miscarriage and delay bleeding progesterone can't prevent miscarrage only make it harder for a woman to know she is miscarrying that's why I'm worried that's why I'm on here to get some hopefully good answers instead I receive bad comments, I was asking for opinions and reassurances instead I receive harsh comments that people suggest I am not smart. So can anyone please be serious and help.
  • You asked if this is what your US is supposed to look like. No one here is a sonographer, that I am aware of. 
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  • Please, if you're truly serious and not just trolling us, go to the ultrasound thread and maybe contribute a little so we can get to know you. I'd also consider changing your username and picture if you're serious about joining the board and being a productive member of our society. 

  • I never said that it has to be a qualified medical opinion I'm asking mother's who may have experiences the same way and their opinons
  • In other words it doesn't have to mean only mine I'm asking what they went through
  • "Is this what my ultrasound supposed to look like at 5 weeks 6 days is the baby doing ok?"

    You are literally seeking medical advice...
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  • I am not really sure I want to join anymore probably considering deleting this app cause I was hoping for friendlier people but of course what do I expect this world is going down hill full of non considerate people who think everything is a joke
  • I'm sorry you are feeling worried and scared knottie.  However, its pretty early to hear a heartbeat before 6 weeks, so if your doc says he saw it, that sounds like a good sign. We like to get to know each other here, because we are more than a forum, we are a community.  Please change your name, because when we see knottie#### we feel like you are just passing by and we don't have a lot of patience for that.  Read the read this first section, introduce yourself, and lurk a while.  There is a whole thread for ultrasounds, but I stress again, we can support but we cannot give advice.  If you lurk a bit and stick around, you will see we are a fun group of ladies.
  • At least what to expect app and ovia are more friendly
  • If your doctor didn’t seem concerned, you shouldn’t be concerned. I’m not a doctor or a sonographer, only a mother, but, I’ll play. 5 weeks and 6 days is still early, and already being able to see the heartbeat is great. I would take that to be a good sign for now.  Things can always change whether it be in the beginning, halfway through, or during labor and delivery. Any concerns you have, I would suggest you speak to your doctor. This is a really great group of people with so much knowledge and advice, and had you read the “Read Me First” post, introduced yourself on the Intro thread, and then posted your ultrasound and question in the ultrasound thread, you might have had a better response. You get what you give. 
  • I didn't not know the dang rules and I think it's stupid
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    I didn't not know the dang rules and I think it's stupid
    You think the rules are stupid? Or you think our trying educate you is stupid? 

    Edited because words are hard...

  • It’s stupid to request that everyone who wants to participate respect the way the board is run, so it’s easier for everyone to contribute and interact?

  • I'm telling you this honestly....try not to read too much into the U/S picture. The more stress you put yourself through, the more stress the baby goes through. Take your doctor's advice, go for a walk, enjoy time with your two children, and pray...if you do that. 

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