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Nervous about 20 week scan!?!

So my doctor finally broke the news to me about the 20 week anamoly scan and the AFP test and I'll be honest, I'm a nervous wreck! I've been hospitalized twice already this pregnancy but all the doctors say my baby is fine. But I cant help but still be VERY nervous something could be seriously wrong with my honey. Anyone else get really bad anxiety before their sonograms and tests?!?! Heres my sweetheart at 18 weeks. 

Re: Nervous about 20 week scan!?!

  • I have been to the er 3 times already with my pregnancy so I understand where you are coming from. Every time all they could tell me was that my baby was fine. I still get worried about the test, scans and appointments until I hear or see the baby moving. This is my first pregnancy and I have had a lot of stomach problems so I know that makes my anxiety about this pregnancy worse. Hopefully your 20 week scan helps to ease some of your fears and worries about the baby and I hope you don't get hospitalized again.
  • I have my morphology scan next Tuesday 20th Nov, I will be 20+3 at that stage, it is nerve racking but best thing we can all do is take deep breaths and try hard not to stress as it is no good for bubs. I just got out of hospital after a scare, I was in the middle of grocery shopping for my client, when I had intense pain and pressure in my lower abdomen, it was so bad I started to feel dizzy and just about collapsed, luckily there was a shelf with nothing on it. I sat down, gripping the trolley as tight as I could, some elderly couples asked if I was okay, ofcourse i.said yes I'm fine, i.was embarrassed and terrified the same, they must have went and spoke to a shop assistant, as she come and helped me up  opened a checkout for me, urged me to.sit and she put all the shopping through for me. They insisted on calling an ambulance but me being a little stubborn, I.just wanted to get my.clients shopping back to him, unpack it and finish his financial management records and then go to the emergency. My rang my girlfriend she was in the area luckily,  she come packed everything in the car and followed me down the road met my client, unpacked everything while I finished my paperwork, my partner left work and insisted on coming to take me to emergency to get checked out. This is where it got ridiculous and scary, after again collapsing on the floor in ER they gave me panadol, admittedly they did offer endone and I refused, i wanted to know bub was okay before i consider taking strong medication, any way after nearly 3 hour wait they found me a bed, took my bloods, gave me an ultrasound, bub looked happy and healthy, they done and internal exam to check my cervix as they suspected Braxton hicks or contractions but my cervix was still closed, they ruled out an infection. I had a doctor who was of Chinese background   huge language barrier, so much so as I just finished talking about all my history with him and he asked me are you sure your not pregnant, you sound pregnant, my partner both looked at each other and said ah I am 19 weeks pregnant today, so he went away then come back and said well I think your having the onset symptoms of a miscarriage, my.heart sank, my partner grabbed my hand and said that is crap dont you dare believe that, a gyno come in and he said he was bringing a surgeon down as he believes it be appendicitis,. They didnt have the equipment or the right surgeons to operate for this so they transferred me in the back of an ambulance to another hospital. They suspected appendicitis and they fasted me for 2 days just in case they had to operate, they kept me in to constantly take my bloods, temperature,  blood pressure etc luckily the sharp pains I was experiencing started to subside and my appetite come back with a vengeance so they finally let me eat, they ruled out possible appendicitis, he was not certain and said it may just be that you tore stomach muscles and to come back immediately if it worsens, so I am now at home on bed rest, taking time off work, as it still hurts very much to sit and move around, I just dont have the initial pain and pressure I felt. But I do know one thing bub is healthy and is still kicking up a storm constantly, it's just me that's hurting. 
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  • I understand being nervous. I'm not sure I'm reading your post correctly. Is it that you have to have the AFP and 20 we scan or that you've had them and the results were other than normal?
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