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UO Thursday! 9/27

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  • @clbness Ew, Draco but ooOoo Tom Felton!

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  • @PensiveCrayon Mmmm, true.  Much like I want to hate Negan...but he's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sooooo.... <3
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  • @Hollyyyyy I'm a carpet fan, too!!!! I feel like it's so much cozier! I can sit on the floor and play with my son and DS2 can roll around, etc.....  It we had older kids, I may end up with wood, but for now, I REALLY enjoy our carpet!
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  • @Hollyyyyy add me to those oddballs who prefer carpet to hardwood as well. I like the look of hardwood, but carpet is so much more forgiving. It hides the dog hair so much better! LOL also, much cosier as every one everyone has pointed out. Definitely wish there was carpet throughout this house for baby, as it would be softer for her to crawl around on and the knees of her clothes didn't get nearly as dirty!
  • @Hollyyyyy I agree! I like the look of hardwoods, but they are not as cozy. Also, they scare me when my toddler tries to run across them and slides. We actually Carpeted over the hardwood’s that were in our bedrooms and our family room. Plus like @scaredunprepared  said, carpet hides the dog hair. Our dogs are only on the main floor of our home a handful of times each week and those hardwood still need to be vacuumed almost every day.

  • @hkom lol I think you are actually in the minority! 
  • I'm in the hardwood>carpet for the most part. It just looks cleaner. We have carpet in cozy areas.
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  • I’m split on carpet v hardwood. I love hardwood in our living spaces and rugs over it in the living room and dining space. But I refuse to have hardwood in bedrooms. They need carpet for comfort!
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  • @echo-charlietango I put a rug on top of the carpet in the baby's room. Double softness, and also I'm hoping it will prevent stainage when she inevitably poops or colors on the floor in there...Is that carpet overload? Haha.

    @clbness Same!
  • @runrinserepeat I do have a Roomba! I even have it set to go off every day automatically. I couldn't get by without it.
  • @runrinserepeat @Hollyyyyy When you two get tired of Roomba's random patterns, check out Neato - it's my favorite robot vacuum :kissing_heart:
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  • @runrinserepeat @Hollyyyyy we ALSO have a roomba! Definitely wouldn't be able to keep the floors clean without it.  But, like @echo-charlietango, my preference was for the Neato.  My mom bought us the Roomba instead as a housewarming gift, so I didn't really get a choice. BUT if I had, it would have been the Neato (it was even on my baby registry!)
  • @katy0990 we are many years off from building a house so remind me again in 5-10 years  :D:D

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